Defining the Death of Star Trek

In 1991 when Gene Roddenberry died, who was perhaps the greatest of Humanist Visionaries, the Star Trek Franchise made a great two episode show, proposing a beginning of a new story-line; How to bring the Vulcans and Romulans together again, which from cultural, scientific, and story-telling perspective could have created a fantastic saga.

I’d love to dwell on it, as Humans, Romulans and Vulcans, each demonstrate a Humanoid trait which can only be fully explored together, as we’ve already seen with the enigmatic Klingons.

Never forget; Each alien race was from early on and still is, created to show an aspect of the human psyche!  The point is that Star Trek did not die with the “New Star Trek” which has disappointed so many die-hard-trekkies for the past decade and a half; it died immediately with those two episodes.

People had already realized that Vulcans were continuously and shamefully sidelined in the franchise and the Romulan aspect deserved as much attention as the Klingons. The “Yippee-ki-yay “Human version” of Starfleet (and the Federation) and the obvious socialist-hierarchy and generational aspect of its “system” was simply too painful at times.

Sometimes I feel as I’m the only one who understood what Roddenberry was doing, perhaps I share that feeling with all trekkies. That’s the seed of great visionaries, no one understands them, except I (and of course you). The New Star Trek has erased the planets Vulcan and Romulus, hence the foundation for the entire franchise has been neutered. Now it is only sound effects and visual stimulus. Imagination has been replaced with Correctness and Marxist Science.

‘Nuff said, except for one last point.

Roddenberry’s Star Trek was one of the seven signs. It’s fitting that it died with him. Apart from all opinions, Star Trek, in all forms, is great entertainment.





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