Two small testimonies from the mind of a small man

Back in 2015, I in a capacity as a Prophet of God declared Vaccines and Organ transplants, included in God’s commandment in both The Bible and The Qur’an; Abstain from Blood.

vaccine-card-guy-ellisAt that time I had no idea what was about to unfold in the world; That the global state of demonic powers were planning to mass inject the global population not only with Vaccines but with synthetic mRNA Gene altering injections.

In May 2018, following years of philosophical, intellectual, cultural, historical and semantic deliberations within the context of The National Republic Resurrected (of Iceland), I suddenly understood, fully and comprehensively, what The Divine Covenant really is and what it meant and what it means.

These two intellectual and spiritual moments may not mean much to you or, perhaps I’m slow on the uptake and all Monotheists understand them. Yet, the majority of Christians, Jews, Muslims and Zorastrians partake in blood. All of them obfuscate the divine covenant and replace it either with commandments to all people or to a heavenly promise.

Yeshua bin Miriam, or Jesus son of Mary, prophesied shortly before his nailing on the tree, that the day would come when the Divine State would be uncovered and explained to the whole world simultaneously; That came true since May 2018.

Twenty two months after the Divine State was re-explained and shown; The global Babylonian system, declared a Demonic State of the world, on March 11 2020. A year later, seven years after the above declaration of vaccines, the global gene-altering campaign was released.

We are now living through the greatest divine testimony of all times. Only God knows how that will unfold or what comes out of it.





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