Hispanisation of the Americas

One thing has troubled me for a long time when considering the colonization of “the new world” and that’s how easily the hispanisation of it went well and without hiccup and seemingly without any effort or qualified reistance or re-population.

1989-13From the 1500s to the 1800s there wasn’t such mass emigration from Iberia (Spain and Portugal) to the Americas, but language and religious conversion went exceptionally smooth and the local cultures accepted it more or less without any resistance.

Now let us remember that “the conquistadors” discovered written history in forms of books in meso-america and the andes which were destroyed. This is rarely discussed but known by those who hafe dug deep enough.

Let us also remember that in Spain under Islamic rule (which lasted for eight centuries) there existed abundance of maps in their Academic centers, both from Islamic times but also from Phoenician pre-Roman times, but Phoenicians did know about Meso-America and had explored north to Iceland and south to Nigeria in their times.

We also know that the Cherokee’s in Virginia, Carolina and Georgia (in the now USA) had traits in ther physiology which reminded of Phenician looks or physique. Actually since then genetic research has proven that Cherokee blood-traits can be traced to Phoenicians (both Spanish and Lebanese).

Here it is: When Spanish ships first arrived in the Caribbean in 1492 they discovered large settlements )even cities) of Hispanics all around the coast of the Bay of Mexico, from Florida to Texas, Mexico, all the way to Columbia and Venezuela, and into the land, perhaps dating centuries back.

In short: The Hispanisation of Meso and South America had already taken place! The Conquistadors simply replaced the leadership at the top.




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