The insurance scam of the 21st century

Twelve years ago a reliable scientist proved that hundreds of millions of people had been injected with faulty vaccines containing XMRV virus. Since the 1980s the manufacturers of vaccines (and their insurance companies) have been exempt from paying for damages resulting from vaccinations EXCEPT if they can be proven to be faulty!

They saw an avalanche coming. So they silenced Dr. Judy Mikovits and persecuted her, then they came up with a twofold scam.

Inject every one everywhere with “experimental emergency authorisation” jab – RNA or Saline – which automatically exempts them from liability and if any adverse reactions surface, no one can detect which jab it came from!

Blackrock and Vanguard avoided bankrupting themselves and in the process destroyed our civilization.

It was never about “culling the population” but since no one listens to scientific debunk if it comes form aluhat mystics, then who cares. BUT here is a twist. In 2015/2016 a prophet of God analyzed that in China there was a development underway to come up with a substance that could destroy the Caucasian culture. Now that substance is injected into Caucasians worldwide. Even WHO admits that 80% of the jabs go into Caucasians exclusively.

Now, how many Antivist Ghouls have explained this to you? The same who try to convince you that public protests can alter the configuration of the global Pyramid and avert the greatest crime of all times.

I recommend in this context a video talk by Dr. David Martin: “Dr. David Martin at the “Free & Brave” Conference held at the Church of Glad Tidings in May, 2021.” Available for example on Rumble, or discover the source.




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