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If it’d be sexier to know things noone knows, than being well dressed; perhaps things would change?



Why are you reading this?
Why are you not somewhwere building a community?
Don’t be afraid



Define your truth, and it will be your prison. Connect yourself to your Soul, and you become truth.



If you cannot dance in silence, how will you hear the music of stillness?



Discipline isn’t always violence.



The moment you define your rights, or anyone’s rights; you sign them off.



The reason that there is no conspiracy is that there’s only your narrow minded gullibility. Sorry, but you wanted the truth. I believe.



It is perhaps good how many offers you are all chasing. Else you’d remember all the suffering children in need.



A disinfo agent is only credible if he believes his frolick.

Therefore, to make a disinfo agent, search for a gullible charismatic fool who sounds gullible, befriend him and support him.



Gethsemany – If I die, what will be my reward?

-There is no reward for doing the right thing; you become part of it, and it of you.



It is easy to see when you read Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” how the political arena of his time entered the story, along with his personal views and history, combined with his knowledge of myths and folklore. It is truly fascinating as a fantasy novel, but it also has a ring of truth. This is true of most fantasies. Furthermore, most fantasies have hidden magic, but to go there would be out of scope for this article.



Man is an emotional creature, after sensation creature, aspiring to become a thinking creature (and some of us are symptoms of evolution in that sense) but what will the thinking creature aspire into?



When you’ve gone over to there, here looks like there used to look and there feels like here felt, because where you are you’re there and what anything appears to be, or feels like, is made by you and you took that with you.



Public silence is the enemy of democracy.
Our lives begin to end, when we become silent about things that matter. (MLK)
See something?
Say something.



Noone knows about the Intelligence establishments of the Navy or Army. You’ve heard about GRU in Russia but while you squirm over CIA or NSA you know nothing about the USA intelligence community in the armed forces … which Prouty says are better than the civilian parts



They might actually be creating their holocaust, by the law of attraction …



You can capture a wolf and put it into a cage. But that wolf will always want to escape the cage. But that wolf has cups and those cups will love their cage. Not all people want to be free.

Lakota: I am who I am


~Either R. Means or J. Trudell



Is it possible that the Soviet took itself apart in order to lure out the enemy, onto the steps, and watch the eagle lose its flight?



Faith is when you belive that tomorrow will be worth living. Hope is when you don’t, but you’ll take the chance. Religion takes faith and hope away from you and then defines for you what tomorrow is. Government is a group of people who tax you for all of these and still remove all of it.



Free energy?
Energy is free, but you pay for the distribution of it.
You pay for all distributions.



Numenous understanding of perception or experiencing the divine versus factual history …



Agenda of evolution; if we are here by chance, then we are not accountable for ourselves.
Consume, be led …
And if life survived for the smallest of chance; fear! Fragile !



When you do not use your values to strengthen and safeguard your soul; you will not only starve it and succumb to the two dimensional fear of your ego; you will lose sight of how to choose which inspiration to listen to. That’s why most people succumb to being ruled by demons, devils and fallen angels.



What became of Edison’s wealth?



Tiptoeing through life, making it safely to death.

But in your last moment, you won’t consider how many days lived, or how many accomplishments achieved.



All the “evil over there” – in prisons, in news, in faked genocides, in computer games, in entertainment; is all devised to make you feel that there’s no evil in you … and also to move you in a direction



It seems that there’s bully, violence, abuse, lying and deceit in every family and that you can’t take anything at surface value

Those who complain the most, usually are the least willing to do anything for others, yet talk alot about something that has to be done for others by others … a vicios and egotistical (usually very negative) circle



I’ll do my best.

Your best? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.


~The Rock (movie)



To understand how Satan distorted the messages of the prophets, do the following.

First select a one hour lecture on politics in a country on the other side of the world, or on any subject which you know nothing about.

Secondly wait for one year, then write down the lecture from memory, word by word. Thirdly remember that the law of Moses was codified a millenium after his death, the four gospels of Jesus were written decades after his death and the message of Mohammad about half a generation after his death.



Human rights in any form are an illusion-deception. In order to grant, first someone must remove.

And states are reduntant.



I am Terminator model 666.

I’m back.



Economic sanctions is a Zionist tool – they use the weapon they fear the most

They used it against Germany, for years, but how did Germany flourish in spite of it?



When you come in from one worldview to another.
Ignoring that there might be seven or nine.



The Zionists use three arguments to justify ADL.

  1. That Eisenhower and The Soviet generals, said that they found evidence of Holocaust.
  2. That Nuremberg tribunal proved it.
  3. That the trials of Eichmann proved it.


What the ADL, and hate speech laws, fight against, is the investigation of these three points.


What are they hiding?



Memory is a [thought], arising in the present moment. ~Sam Harris



Freemasonry hides behind illuminati – if Churchill and FDR were Freemasons, they they obeyed ther highpriest – who was their highpriest?

… sexual indoctrinations …



Son, I don’t know you well enough to miss you if you’d be gone. ~Johnny Cash



You are your art …

The messenger, becomes the message.

… and through your Soul you can be more than you are …

Elevate the conversation …



Make a world war, justify it by scam, which hides another scam.

What would the third level scam be?



Linear two dimensional thinking: right and wrong.

Three dimensional cube; a degree of right and wrong.

Four dimension, a degree of right or wrong over time (movement).

Quantum democracy; uniform of anything goes, in harmony



About van der post

“As he often stressed, speaking of churches, parties and all dinosaurs, one should constantly try to forgive and to care as much for the sinner and the sinned against, the friend and partner as for the enemy. For it is the only way to heal, to make whole, to grow, to progress. The French grandmother of his father used to warn him: “Always remember, all men tend to become that which they oppose.””



By assuming the mind of human to be the only intellect, the human being closed its eyes to the mind and intellect of the Universe.

Mind, Body, Soul – harmony



Current human – factory culture – assumes everyone to be inherently good and kind (given proper circumstance and outer limits) … and that kowledge through reasoning and indoctrination is the basis of human development



It is not that government resist change; ruling powers – or those holding any power – will always resist change. Nature has power and while that power seems to be beneficial for life it will resist change. … therefore you resist change and therefore you will fight for what you believe in, just as nature.

The Faberge eggs of McKenna are ideas from what he calls hyperspace; illusions to manipulate … the second magic is when going beyond that magic … I have already explained this in my writings



What noone tells you about current world affairs: how much money is made from manufacturing arms and how much money is made from banking the finance behind them – the current economic model cannot survive without war.



You love to hate; anything which can demonize anyone else but you, which again justifies your evilness that has become unseen.

Therefore the surface rules.



The content of “The Cosby Show” is about solid family values and personal integriy and general decency.

I don’t know of the Cosby allegations are a hoax or true, but does the show stand for itself without its creator?

Some suggest that it was used to direct attention from Dershovitz



The war for your mind, amongst the seven demons of the seven churches or mindsets, is through your thinking, your perception and through the truths you buy into – and it is shifting, not between good and evil but between themselves …

Some of their followers have tried to throw me smiles and tests



In addition, some modern Muslim scholars have more recently cast doubt on the veracity of the saying, or hadith, used to assert Aisha’s young age. In Islam, the hadith literature (sayings of the prophet) is considered secondary to the Qur’an. While the Qur’an is considered to be the verbatim word of God, the hadiths were transmitted over time through a rigorous but not infallible methodology. Taking all known accounts and records of Aisha’s age at marriage, estimates of her age range from nine to 19.


Quote from research on Aisha, Muhammad’s young bride. Source forgotten.



Modern times lose fun, lose sex, imagination …

Why does the west abuse diversity or tolerates some of it?

While you fight the devil you’re not dancing with angels.

When a world of evil defines what is evil, you should run.



You’ll be a passive observer in a thought paradise

Commodity culture has become a stranglehold.



If you’d see timeline of humans as being governed by beings who have lived for thousands of years and were coordinated … you’d begin to see completely different set of dots



Abnormalities in nature . trees dying, sinkholes, … the collective subconscious, creating our perceptory world; is mad



All entertainment teaches you two worldviews: That the masses which you belong to are helpless unless someone comes along to lead them or fix things. While you buy into that you will not try to lead or fix things. Also they teach you that the maverick – or the lone hero – is a loner who lives outside the mainstream and while there are no problems is ostracized or shunned but that it is his own choice. Do you see this pattern and how it is used to control the masses?



Humanity does not need to wake up or rise up, unless if it wants to see the eighth day of creation. While it does neither believe in that nor partakes in discovering how it would be possible, the confusion of humanity remains. Because there resides enormous power within the souls of humanity which was designed for a greater purpose. A purpose which will unfold when we discover galactic travel, which is closer to us than you believe. Until then our powers need to be hypnotized.



There has never been any reason to fear terrorists. Mainly because they have no srategy, are more afraid of you than you of them, they have limited intelligence for strategy, coordination, or planning. They are easily infiltrated, easily found and most of all; their funds easily traced. They are on the other hand part of a larger strategy which is less obvious. Even the 911 incident was so out of tune with their mindset that it cannot have been devised by them. They only know how to hijack planes with demands for releasing prisoners, or to walk into a mall with explosives or plant a car with explosives.

That’s it. If they had real vision, good strategy, well informed intelligence; they could take the west down in a week and keep it down for weeks, even years.



There is decreased interest in sex in the west. People are more depressed, there is less imagination, less positive realism … unhappiness is rising and if you think about it more inhibitation. You cannot enjoy sex if you’re inhibited and you have less sex drive and less enjoyment if your soul is depressed or sad.

I am not saying that people fuck less!



Are you a good person then?

Even if you don’t know it?

Are you innocent of a crime if you don’t know the law?



There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.

Three stages of truth …



The question everybody asks themselves

Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life? Here’s A Secret For You

We live in an age where both humanity and planet earth are going through a lot…

Define a meaning for your life, something “more than you” and stick to it. Slowly you’ll begin to see a greater purpose in the life of the Universe unfold. The more this grows, your soul grows and your ego shrinks



“I wish I could trust you” -Thor to Loki.

Loki looks quietly, controlled, at Thor before he answers.

“Trust my rage” – Loki to Thor.


If it were easy, everyone would do it. ~Loki



From the film “A dangerous method” about Freud and Jung


Shall we start next tuesday? I’ll start gently, ripping you to shreds.

You were the jewel of great prize

catalytic exteriorization phenomenon



The trick to outstanding application development, is patience. A virtue hard to find. For most applications today have two main pillars, the front end which interacts with the user and the data storage which usually is a database.


Most modern developers focus on the front end first. They try to make it attractive or useful and spend quite a bit of time developing how the user can properly make use of what he or she sees.


As time moves on in this development as little time as possible is spent on the database which has catastrophic yet hidden consequences.



They became animals when they stopped observing the law and respecting civilization

What are bureaucrats and agents of agencies …

What about pensions funds …

The degree of a civilization can be observed by taking a close look at its criminals

Firm, Fair, Vigilant



Thoughts in the night:

I’m doing the best I can. Just so hard to hammer the stoneminds of the hypnotized.

hehe  I am the moment. I am love. I am life. My ego is nothing.

You seek connecting, through pathways, through knowledge, through spiritual enlightenment and meditation, and for years are lost in other peope’s ideas … when all you had to do was connect your mind to your soul and deal with the angels and demons in there. And suddenly you’re free, and you don’t even know why or how. Just that you Are, a Self.

You have to learn how to put your ego into the shadow of your soul and not keep your soul in the shadow of your ego

Being positive is a choice, in every moment. And once we have elected to choose, it soon becomes a habit. And the universe joins in.

A lot of people talk about god, how they found god, how they walk with god, how god is and what god wants from you and how. They talk a lot at you and less to you, and rarely ask you your opinion!



Jesus has already entered the heavenly Holy of Holies in our behalf (Hebrews 4:14-16, 8:1-6). He has torn away the veil that separated us from God, and He serves as our High Priest, having offered His own blood as the perfect sacrifice for our sins (Hebrews 9:11-16). He serves as our Mediator before the Father’s throne (Hebrews 9:24-28).


Thus, during the Millennium, there will be no need for a human high priest or an Ark with a mercy seat. Jesus will serve as both king and high priest, and in that capacity, He will continue to serve as humanity’s mercy seat. (Zechariah 6:12-13).



The verse is John 20:12. Speaking of Mary looking into the empty tomb of Jesus, the verse says, “she beheld two angels in white sitting, one at the head, and one at the feet, where the body of Jesus had been lying.” What Mary saw, MacArthur observed, was the new mercy seat, the perfect mercy seat.

Consider again what Mary saw. She witnessed two angels, one sitting at each end of the slab which had held the broken body of our Lord. That scene points us back to the Ark of the Covenant where two cherubim hovered over its blood splattered mercy seat!

There is no more need for the Ark. Jesus has fulfilled all that the Ark stood for. He was deity who took on flesh. He rendered complete obedience to the Law, being made perfect and becoming the source of our salvation (Hebrews 5:8-9). His blood was shed for our sins, and His victory is attested by the fact and the power of His resurrection.


Copied from:



“This business of burning human beings with napalm, of filling our nation’s homes with orphans and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane, of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically deranged, cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice, and love. A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


They would do a physical count, everyone for one side would group up and everyone for the other would group up. If it was not obvious which was larger, they used stones or pot sherds, you would put them in the respective pot/pile of the side you supported. Not a very secret ballot, but then Athens was very much about publicity, so much so that our word idiot comes from the Attic Greek word idiotes, …, someone who cares or attends only to personal matters, someone ignorant of the matters of the city. (Source forgotten)



People love medicine and pills; conditionizing agents.

Removal of personal responsibility.



Notes taken while watching a talk by Cornell West

You have to look back, to the landmarks that set the standards, what the Greeks call Aratea, Excellence, the hightest levels of excellence … in a sense a love letter to the younger generation, to remind them … it’s not only a beautiful thing to be on fire for justice but in fact the landmarks are crucial, are necessary, they are catalysts in the work that you do … in a culture obsessed with weapons of mass distraction!

Integrity – Moral consistency

Love – Be willing to step out on nothing and land on something …

work hard, love hard, play hard

work hard  you are critically engaged

play hard and you get outside your ego and you roll in something bigger than you

love hard and you straighten your back up and speak candidly and act honorably and be willing to sacrifice your popularity for a cause bigger than you

Poor people are priceless and precious, each individual has a dignity that ougth to be affirmed. ~



There has never been patriarchal society. Women have always controlled *us*, trained us, taught us, conditioned us; deceived us. Illusion within illusion. The feminist movement proves it, and though Islam doesn’t know it, they see it.

This is easily proven.



Where consiracy theorists are fooled into marketing the scam …

The ebola twist connected to the spanish flu.

The bitcoin fieldtest …



People fear the accountability that comes from deep faith. That’s what the world of fear and distrust (hating) and systemized religions want, to better hypnotize you and control you. The builders of the pyramids were not leaving our culture a message. They made manuals and devices for themselves, and planned to stay forever: Colonize the galaxy and control it – the last part failed.

Today’s message is that faith will re-awaken, the voice of God becomes clear to you, on individual level. You bring it forth, and make it manifest. You are the key, the magic.

If God would fall ill, would you become his healer? Then again, if he is omnipotent, might he have shared his powers with you?

These thought hide a key to illumination and reinspiration of the Galaxy.



I have been my diamond forever, this path has only strengthened and increased the light, I do not have to fear my future decisions for so often I have made the right ones.



People BELIEVE their STATIC ideas …

… that’s why they fear alien ideas and that’s why they resist ideas, both in order to test them out and also because what they buy into will persist, because life likes persistence and resists change but loves the change which “improves things” – as we long for change but forget to long for improvement.



When the American revolution got created it wasn’t by free colonizer rising against oppressing king. The colonies where populated by criminals from other English lands. It was common in the United Kingdom to offer criminals the choice of hard labor in the colonies instead of prison or gallows. The stories of the first settlers in “the thirteen colonies” pre-revolution have largely been suppressed or silenced. The revolution was created by rich land owners who offered their slaves freedom for fighting along.

After the revolution people were largely glad to be independent on individual level but landowners realized that they needed a system to ensure that the idea of freedom would not become too well understood. Therefore a system of education and indoctrination was designed as well as a political system to take care of how power is wielded.



World of illusions – example

while media argues if Islam is a religion of peace, noone argues that Judaism is a religion of dominance and even annihilation of nations.

Noone looks at the war machine of zionism

The US declares a war on evil. In essence that evil are those who kill other people for wrong ideas, yet the US goes to war for the same reason just a different idea

You cannot deny that the holocaust took place, but you can deny that Mao killed 20 mill, you can deny that Stalin killed 20 mill …

War is when politics fail, politics is when economy fails, economy is where ownership fails.



While you point to problems on the other side of the world, and while you find excuses to wage war elsewhere; your population is less focused on problems at home, and are unpatriotic if they do

Remember when Argentina waged war on the Falklands?



The nature of the banking system was invented in Egypt and perfected there. The ark of the covenant was a smokescreen, a treasure box with the deeds and bonds that kept the Egyptian system together. A treasure used to finance the capture of Canaan and Philistea. This secret was hidden behind the codex of the religion, later perfected in Babylon and used to buy freedom.

This the Khazars figured out when their elite transformed themselves into what would become the Ashkenazy Jews, the backbone of modern Zionism. They figured out how the system the Hebrews lifted in Gozen and took to Palestine was later perfected to rule the Roman empire from he shadows. This is the reason that the Temple was destroyed in 70 – for they wanted to conquer the treasury. But they didn’t understand the secret of the treasury. Almost noone does.

I’m not even sure that I do. I catch a glimpse, but it’s like the lamp of a lighthouse in the fog.

This is the second conspiracy of humanity. The other one is that of the Fallen angels, but that is also a labyrinth – yet connected to this scheme.

Hint; when did the twelve tribes dissapear, and why weren’t you told that they went into hiding? Why did only one tribe reappear and not assume the title of its nationality? A usurper? A deceiver? A thief?



The reality as perceived by the sages is supposed to be beyond verbal description. The ancient Indian mystics state that behind the multitude of images that we see is the same and universal reality. Similarly, according to quantum mechanics, reality is a superposition of a number of possible states. The observed phenomenon is not independent of the observer.

According to Heisenberg the atoms and elementary particles form a world of possibilities and potentialities, and not things and facts. What we observe, according to Heisenberg is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our mode of questioning. The famous thought experiment of Erwin Schrödinger illustrates a paradoxical situation in which a cat will be both alive and dead. This experiment just goes to show that reality is a superposition of several possibilities

~Unknown source – probably Wikipedia



You don’t need to oppose/confront authority; all you need is a library and reflection. Generate understanding for your mind and values. A free soul cannot be governed and rarely hypnotized. If you’re not in the system, you’re not governed by it.
Educate the young, little by little. Build new worldview.
– how did they remove the hitlers jugend?

The only way you can learn, is from other people, verifying it through research and reflection, moulding it through experience and refuting/doubt (etc), and passing it on.

Faurisson’s method; look at the documentry, then without a sound, and then the third time. Search for what isn’t being told or the manipulative narrative, and then research some more.


An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, might have been a lesson, rather than a divine exactness. It’s quite possible that the scriptures where a sort of test. Will you choose the definitions carved by the words or the spirit behind them. For you can always choose forgiveness and scripture also demands it of you.
Which suggests that the scripture is a mirror of your egotistical and shallow wishes, until you transform and begin to walk the narrow and crooked road towards the divine.

Becoming a child at first, a brother, a sister?
Is God’s weakness, your strength?
Or do you demand of God the supremacy?



We are raised by others, taught by others …
… has that been a success?

We fail when we set our self-standards by expecting from us what we assume others expect from us, else it would be exclusive to you

Define Your own method: exclusively yours – and allow time to participate



It might be your destiny to hurt another being, and it might be the destiny of that being to be hurt. Your task might be to see if you have the courage, morality and strength to commit the act and it might be the task of that other being, ant or human, to take it and grow from it.
You never know The Truth and the Whole truth.



Those who believe in the starr’ed flag of freedom, liberty and democracy, are blinded by collectivism and egocentric and flat ideal they don’t understand; yet kill for, and condemn those who kill for other ideals.

No army can conquer ideas


Yes, some actions and words are dangerous for the physical entity we hold so dear, it is illusion, but frightening nonetheless. It frightens me also. Our perceived mindWorld doesn’t frighten me, the ruling entities do. As all expectation of suppression frightens the physical.
I do not see the “world” in such a clear cut view. For example, those who rule the world of fear, are more frightened than you are, but *they* don’t see that, because they are not connected to their souls. Their soul is sold. Mine is is still mine.

Would you dare to experience the freedom that comes with absence of sin?



The prophet Jesus said that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of the heavens. Replace a few words here:

camel=ego, needle = inspiration, rich man = mindset, kingdom = freedom

Ego cannot be inspired and free, it is always rich in its ideas.
There is nothing wrong with valuables
Rich here is the rigid mindset that *believes* that it is right
Believes that it is the ONLY way to live, and limits both itself and others. Like when some people go to war because they “don’t tolerate a kind of evil” – but who defines what is evil?

Now focus on the eye of the needle?
What is the eye of the needle

Let us find that bloody needle again, it is far more interesting than career complications .

Everyone has secret questions within their souls, but less than 1% of people are asking questions worthy of the needle – those are sent by their guardian angels to people with real answers in the sandstorm of concepts.



Mind at large is hypnotized – because of how destructive it would be if it were to be freed … therefore the evil angels might be guardians … for the safe keeping of the universe we else might wreak havoc upon … but if they were to be truly fallen angels, it is conceivable that they decided to harness our energies for their own divine purpose … rebellion in the prison.

There is another perception to the illusion of the imprisoned souls … that the looming self destruction or self imposed cataclysm that the imprisoned collective is doomed into a spiral of growing and contracting, only those escapeing who self-mature …


  • mind at large – huxley
  • local language – huxley
  • the function of words is to conceal thoughts – Talleyrand



Why did God not want us to eat from “the fruit” of eternal life?

Because if we were still under the influence of “the fruit of understanding the difference of good and evil” then we’d have a broader sense of the universe and would sooner tap into the soul – but the shadow of soul – and discover our creative power and soul’s inspiration, consequently discover galactic neighborhoods faster, perhaps travel sooner, and go out guns blazing and life threatening.

God doesn’t forbid you because he fears for himself, but for you.
The mindset controlled by the fallen angels fears that you’ll see them and figure them out. The mindset of fear, distrust, and greed, forbids you to control you.

Sometimes the demon is your perception of a power you fear.



There are are always, in any society, people who get more power than others, and once smitten by power, and what understanding it brings you makes you want to hold on to it and even increase it. There is no conspiracy there.



Observe what they don’t want us – or life – to be like, and you realize what kind of planet they come from.
Then erase your fear of them, and consequently your fear of yourself.
For they are [possibly] not evil in essence, but see us as a cancer to be erased?
What if there were cooperation – of equals …
Yet, on the other hand; what if it is our task to outwit them?

Change the way of seeing – then change in the inner landscape – koyaanisqatsi
life out of balance – (inner) life in turmoil



Without transforming our souls, very soon. Ragnarok version 8 will commence. A fresh restart. We have done all of this before. Will we continue to swirl, or will we grow up. It’s not about any individual bodhisattwas breaking out – yet they do – but about a shared effort of all of us.

We’re all in this pit together. And we refuse to see it.



Authorities objectify children and people in general. Appropriate your ownership of your emotions and views. Are they human?
Icke would say that they’re reptilians. I’d say that they’re soulless forms.



As I’ve debunked chemtrails, I perhaps shouldn’t say the following. But I had intended to mention it in my debunking video.
Regarding the pink skies and the bloodmoon – it is obviously connected – do you remember the pink horse in the book of the Apocalypse?



I am not frightened by the rulers. I am frightened by indoctrinated masses who believe.



Actually the world is going to be just fine. Regardless of your wishful thinking. Oh, I know that you express different wishes with your words. Only a fool listens to words over actions.
What you don’t yet realize is that the Universe has a plan regarding intelligence and inspiration. We are not the first species given a chance.
And probably not the last … A Little Less online Conversation,



If you want to transform this world, transform your mind, and Self-illuminate. Focus not on the method (the answer) but the quest(ion). Ask for inner guidance and accept your turbulences as lessons.
As you transform, show others it’s simplicity, as it will inspire them to do the same. Be patient with those who still worship Mind. They might have done badness, they might speak badness; but they can illuminate as well as you.
And behold The Great Transformation of the human condition. The next version of us. Homo inspired.



Comprehend that from the perspective of Lightangels, the surface of the Sun is cold enough to habitate. …
Also remember that the Earth’s core is not made from iron but from something infinitely more valuable.
youtube -> guyellis -> earth’s core



Defining pure thought, defiles it.



Be as controversial as you muster.
Surface positivity, and conformity to trends; evil or good?



If you cannot measure consciousness, then how do you know that the global computer network hasn’t one?



To teach, is to penetrate and leave a substance behind. To educate is to inspire thought through challenging thought.
Naming something an Education System, doesn’t hide a Teaching System
The same applies to Disease Management and Health Management systems.
Or News and Propaganda agencies.
The funny bit is, that Science is obvious Mysticism, logic doesn’t hide stripes.



One of the deception is to make you think Fascism and Nazism, when in reality it is Sovietism.
You’re so had, that on stage it would be satirical.
For the record. Almost noone in current time knows what N and F really were about. It’s been thoroughly erased for reasons noone teaches.



All Isms and all Ideologies; are soulprisons.



Your Self – a part of the larger Self – cocreates the entire Universe from scratch, in every single drop of Now. All evil in this universe is created by the larger Shadow – your shadow and mine.
Self illuminate, inspire others by example, and the Universe alights. It really is this simple. Sorry to disapoint you – You already knows.



One man was responsible to start three worldwars. The generations have been tought to revere his memory. He promised to change history and then to write about it in the right version. He also explained that Truth is so fragile or precious that you must guard it with lies. I bet you can’t name him.



Chimpanzee’s are 98.5% humans. So are Bonobo’s. One is a warrior monkey, the other is a love monkey. We are wordfart monkeys.
Go figure …



Imagine a curve of emotional state on the scale -10 through 0 to 10. Then imagine that your average were -3, then -5 would be depressed and +2 would be joyful. Then change your average until +5 is depressed.



The darkness of the collective soul is about to bloom.
The hordes of egos sell their souls to save their burning skin.
Never knowing their worth, selling themselves short.



Discussion of faith is infinitely distorted in the human reality today. Come to think of it, the reason is almost always related to hypnotism and confining of consciousness; usually self-imposed.



The moment when you define your faith; you lose it and need to find it again. That requires courage and cruciating honesty.



Defining yourself, is the same as placing you in a labeled jar. As far as can be seen, people like to be pickled.



Everything in your perception is belief. It controls everything. The second deception is to blind your mind to it. The first is to blind you to your soul.



Be the message.
Use the bike.
Be afraid.
Do it still



Why would a culture that isn’t run by demons, be so intent on death of humans? If evil knows that it gets away with it and if they know that people won’t wake up to save themselves…



“Women get upset if they have stalkers, well, women get also upset if they have no stalkers.” ~David Irving



The fallen angels are neither demons or devils. They are as bright and divine as the day before their choice, and they know every deception devised to snare and hypnotize.
For more than eight centuries they have made their hardest effort in Iceland. Because they know.
Many are inerested in names of angels, I care only for the names of Michael and Satan (Lucifer). The book of Enoch and also Islamic mysticism is full of angels and names …

I used to be very interested in the “other realms” when I was younger. As I tend to go very deep, I was allowed to see stuff. That’s why I keep these matters as simple as I can,.

Don’t get lost in your labels and manifest archetypes



Culture that loses its meaning – or content – compensates with laws and exertion of law-enforcement and aggression, which its sheep accept willingly under protest.



Less than a hundred people in the world today know what went on in Poland in the last 24 months before the war. And noone would believe them if they told.



Everything in your world, depends on your perception. The illusion enters through the word “your”.
A second hint; taking ownership of it, will be opposed.
Proove me wrong.



Subliminal suggestion is closely related to hypnosis. The former only works if the subject is given an alternative choice, the other works if the subject submits free choice. And both are used, indiscriminately, with your consent from birth to the grave.



Because we automatically project ourselves on others, one of the tools of hypnotism was a false sense of morality that you believe yourself to possess. Therefore you won’t expect from the ruling powers to do what they do in the shadows, and you will believe the image they project on the wall.
Because you want it.



When I was a ten year old boy I wanted to be a pirate, a travelling gunslinger in the wild west defeating baddies, a knight fighting dragons in strange lands and a pioneer who discovers new lands.
Somehow this has transformed into something phenomenal. What have your dreams transformed into?



Frá því á morgun og út mánuðinn heiti ég því að horfa daglega á sápuóperu og kastljós, lesa Fréttablaðið og hlusta á aðra meginmiðla og vera fullkomlega normal.



When their messiah rises, they plan to take away all your concepts of human rights, based on oral tradition that you know nothing about, and they actually believe that it’s their divine duty.
hahahahah – the enlightened times …



A few security agenceis have been reading and parsing my writings. I’m really optimistic that they will read and digest the content; in hope for a transformation of a few hearts.



The angels don’t make you do anything; it’s always your choice.
You try to figure out why and how the world is mad, when in fact it is you that makes it so.



Make your dreams come true. ~Egoworld.
Make our dreams come true. ~Soulworld.
Let there be creative dreaming. ~Deceptionworld.
Let’s be a dream. ~Nothingworld.
Get a life … ~World



I have many heroes, but if I were pressed to name only one I’d simply say “Don Quixote, He’s My Hero.”
You have two options: lead or be led.



The more balanced society you live in, the more content you are.
Why is there no successful roadmap for our village?
There are many contenders, but none successful.



How do you know what you know? By your own research? Can you trust your assumptions, or have you challenged your findings and deduced results?
Are you aware of a mindset born in a shadow and its fruits? Are you its creation or its challenger?
Are you sure that you even know what Love is?



If you need outside influence, entity, substance, event, circumstance, or possession, to discover strength and joy; ask someone to pray for you.

That occupy is part of the establishment is not the problem. That noone sees how, is.



Deception is only successful when based on 90% or more, from the tangible. Everyone fighting their egos, not knowing that it’s an deception. For you cannot fight your hand or your legs, you can only harmonize.



Why didn’t I see through the “softening relations with Cuba” decpetion earlier? It’s so blatantly obvious, once you connect one simple dot.
Do you know the feeling when you feel like an idiot?



Consider for the moment the hordes of Petrified Minds, and then the secret society identified with shaping and moulding stones. Then ask yourself where your own ideas come from, not the ones that inspire you and lift you up, but the ones that confine your mind. Also keep in mind that tangible ideas don’t have to reflect ethereal concepts.



You’re either a have, or a have not. As if you’re a have not, you’ve probably had it. As if you’re a have, you’re probably going to give it away someday in the future. ~Joe Strummer



Desire to be led is natural but simultaneously toxic. Being free and self reliant is also. Having the will and audacity to walk a tight line being led by divine inspiration, is different.
There you go.



Don’t you see the whirlwind spinning up? The madness taking hold? The mountain rising, the eye of the needle beckoning? Is your soul worth anything, still yours?



Our culture is obsessed with superficial attidudes of shallow positivity, masking cruelty and judgementality. Void of transformational – or spiritual – insight and unable to stand for integrity, authenticity, or prolife creativity.
But there is hope.



One of the most transforming enterprises of the past fifty years, was the work of Gene Roddenberry the creator of Star Trek. Even today he is still ahead of current times.



The best advice ever: “Don’t torture yourself, Gomez. That’s my job.” ~Morticia Adams



If our planet swims in empty space, and if the Universe is in empty space, if before the universe there was nothing and if after the universe is nothing?
Then probably we are made out of nothing. Then nothing is at our core and can also create happiness and power?



Join in …
let’s be One for a short while …
let’s enjoy a quiet evening *together* …

Earth hour



All [mature] men in the world know better than to debate a woman in public; we always lose.

There are two ways to fart. One reveals the rottening food, the other the rottening of thought.

The love you’re being taught about, is desire and passion. Love is actually something else. But you don’t see the deceptions and how deep they run.
And you’ve been hypnotized to want not to see.



The danger is not that someone lays landclaim on an idea, on a concpet or on an ism. The danger is the one who buys into it.



Incinting hatred, is reserved exclusively for the dElite.
Observe …



Someone accused me once of arrogance. Not the first one.
My answer was “Great!”
And the matter was closed.
Don’t you just love the sophistication of simplicity?



Don’t love. Be love.
But also be Hate, wisely, or wrongly.
Or rather: Be.
Not just exist, as that’s an image.
“Why worry, if I can obsess?” ~Dame Edna Everage



No matter how deep you dig; every “before and after” photo or article about people loosing weight hypnotizes you in getting rid of something else than excess weight to replace your belief in yourself and severe the connection to your Soul.
I can prove this, but I don’t want to show you, for the opposite reason of which I just explained.



You’ve not been told the truth about any of those demonized in culture, and you’d therefore not recognize them when their souls are reborn. Particularly not those who conquered the persecution of the world of darkness and grew stronger than the world.



The 24 elders are being gathered.
Noone knows yet who they are.
One suggestion is the 24 foundation prophets of the great faith of pure Monotheism. I’v been shown it, but not who they are. Some of them is easy to figure out, but it’s not wise to try. It will be revealed anyway.



All religions have failed to guide. All politics have failed to solve. All psychological approaches have stranded. In my humblest of opinion.
Therefore, to solve all three, we need one three sided approach, which obviously needs to be completely different from all other solutions we have tried.
Can the world of petrified minds do that?



If depression can be cured with pills – then so can love and hate.
What will they come up with next?
Witch potions?



Rights – notch on a two dimensional yardstick for petrified minds who have sold their souls – or worse; given it away for free.
Submit to your fears and play it safe – like so many others resting in graves.



Weapons, artillery, tanks, spare parts, and fuel materializes out of thin air. Untrained and hysterical militia takes take over half a country in a few weeks, which already has a trained professional army armed to the teeth with modern superweapons . ~ZioNATO preachers.
Ask the right questions.



I just realized that it’s now 14 months since I decided to stop using glasses. As I sat down, looking at the screen, I can’t remember when I stopped peering my eyes, and I see better now – considering 15 years biological difference – than when the eye specialist suggested them.
No, I’m not doing eye-movements, I’m not eating carrots excessively (evereyone knows my hate-distaste relationship with fruits and veggies). I just made a pact with my soul to stop using reading glasses for a while and see if my Soul would adjust the condition.



Can you identify the angels of seven deceptions? If your answer is “no” then they were successful.
The funny thing is; your culture was told of them in the most widely published book in history, 1900 years ago.
A book you need keys to decipher, and has hordes of spiritual bureaucrats deceiving you with.
Nothing is what you’re told. That’s the key. Told.



When you’re thinking of something, and out of the blue someone is on your mind, you can be sure that it’s mutual. Trust your instincts, and silently send warm embrace and trust.
If invisible bonds were not strong; then what keeps the moon in its orbit?



Do not fear your darkness.
It’s a gatekeeper.
Own it.



There is no Dumbing down of anyone being performed. Perhaps contrasting and highlighting, but ultimately, your mind is yours if you want.



The more insane you seem in an insane world, the less you need to ask.
And the better answers you’ll receive.



The more you might hate what someone has to say, you must respect the right to say so.



If it’s not in sight, it’s not there.
Is it?



The noise of the chatterbox is a vaccine. It immunizes you from morals and desensitises you from human ethics. It atomizes you, confuses you, hypnotizes you and recreates you as a two dimensional gholem. Worse, it blinds you to your own mirror.



Many tell you what’s wrong with the world, never how to be the change, but how to be lead.



What’s the difference between a person in a uniform shooting you and a person not in a uniform shooting you? What’s the difference between the shooter and the bystander?



The notion of Royalty is an insult to Democracy, but fitting in a Represantative Deceptocracy.



While you are not active – pro or foe – you are inactive consumer. The venue is entirely inconsequential, as the entire global village is being led from the cradle to the cold grave.



I’ve never trusted the Wikileaks phenomena, but I couldn’t figure it out. At last I know.
When you intend to lie big, make sure that someone shows that you can’t.



If you understand my messages and insight; then I have failed, and should learn how to encrypt properly. I have no interest anymore in being understood. But I can’t shut up.



Who defined your set of morals and gave you ethics; owns you.



The wraiths are in total control.



Everything is consciousness. Consciousness creates the Universe, from scratch in every moment.



Ego can never be your enemy. Just give it the right place and it serves your Soul.



White christian swedish terrorists shoot people in a bar in sweden. Main media calls them misguided fanatics …



Son, I don’t know you well enough to miss you if you’d be gone. ~Johnny Cash



Anyone find something interesting with this headline?
“Secret Nazi lair found deep in Argentine jungle”



The only reason you can’t search out professional happy ending; is control, nothing more and nothing less. Deal with it.



History and propaganda lesson of today:
1. Study the Italian invasion into the Ethiopian Empire in 1935 and how the Fascists cunningly crushed the mighty army of the Emperor in ONLY six months!
2. Then study the two desert wars of the father and son.
3. Avoid making comparisons.



A long time ago a friend dated this hot asian chick for a while. After they broke up he discovered that she was a TG person and he was devastated until he realized that he’d never noticed.



Compare Ukraine to Cuba or Mexico and then re-read the news.



For more information: Look within yourself.



I just had this fantastic realization that I’ve never had a realistic toy-train set, and also that there’s noone in this house to tell me what *we* need to spend money on!



When you decipher it and expose it, it simply seems to move its shadow to the next prey and come out from there …
Are we feeding it?



The first five minutes of your life, you screamed your head off and you made a difference. What changed?



Eliminate the impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. ~Sir Arthur Conan Doyle



British conspiracy … to get the empire back
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction …



Fragmented soul isn’t going to make anything whole. You learn something, you act upon it; make it your wholeness instead of a part of you.



As you step into the tabernacle, it morphs itself around you. ~Unknown



Time is movement, but movement of what? The object, or the one observing the object, or movment of the one (re)creating the object, or the … what?



A racist is anyone who acknowledges a race …



I joined the Jehova’s Witnesses because I believed. When I left, I still Believed but I also studied hard and a few months before I started breaking the rules, I had come to the conclusion that they kept all the biblical rules but broke the only one which matters; Love.
Making them just as bad or even worse than the rest of Babylon, as they should know better, particularly for they associate themselves with God’s name, in vain.
Shame on them. Keeping people in spiritual imprisonment, grandly claiming the doors to paradise, refusing others to enter.

It’s temting for a frightened or insecure soul to go back inside the congregation. For when you’re “out there” you have to make up your own mind about right and wrong, true and false, good and bad, tasteful and distasteful, how to select friends and how not to, and for some how to choose reading material, news, information, entertainment and so on.
The only way for someone who turns back, is to blame things on a devil or some evil beings or even on God himself, or whatnot. Anything but blaming oneself, the original sin of Adam.
It is tough to find Selflove, but doing so would strengthen and show a way to find a world of love, it is everywhere around us.



Knowing that you are nothing, being one with everything. Knowing everything you can know, but connecting the dots, or feeling the wiring under the board. That’s being nothing, knowing that your life means nothing: Being one with all. Being Self, or simply; Totally. This is it.



I don’t change. I am nothing. Just like everything. I just am.



The fastest way to wake up is to take two steps. 1. Convince yourself that you are nothing. 2. Realize that all truths are deceptions and the only real truth is the undefinable one, if so.



The joke is exactly this, that anyone can see but chooses not to see. For the fear is that once you see, you’ll see your own evil darkness – or shadow – or rather uglyness. Therefore the joe is not to present the icons and dollillusions, but the joke is on the obvious. That the joked upon wants to be seduced and made into a joke, that’s what the joker really laughs at. Then he rolls over when people try to open the eyes of the selfhypnotized. Again, it’s all a laugh.



The question wether God exists or not is abusrd, for faith only has value if it is based in the unverifiable. A believer enforcing his faith on others, or the atheist doing the same, are the same coin of two sides.
Also the other question, related but not the same, if you believe in God or not, is just as absurd. For it should beg the quesion if God simply believes we can make it. That just as much as we believe in God, he believes in us just as much.



Neurosis is the suffering of a soul which has not discovered its meaning. ~Carl Gustav Jung



Recently I saw the statement that “Quantum theory proves that consciousness moves to another universe after death.” Which begs two questions. How can a theory which is still a theory prove another theory? Why does our Ego need a proof if our Soul already knows?



When one stops looking, one starts seeing. When one stops listening, one starts hearing. When one stops deciding, one starts knowing.



Trust is greatly misunderstood. For trust is a gift, and usually undeserved. The secret of trust is trusting oneself, to take the fall.



Before it became, I was. After it goes, I am. While it is, I’ll be.



The ten commandments should not be necessary for a spiritual person. But for someone who has no spiritual insight or natural ethics, then they would become a tool and a fence.

A fencing fence or protecive fence …



Busy living, busy earning, busy raising a family, iven all the tech to buy us time, our time is overfilled, everywhere and the mind is stuffed, controlled media, education, and manipulated mindsets; secular mysticism.



You might not know it and you might find it insignificant, but the ones driving the Migrants to Europe know it and they care about it: During the crusades, the ancestors of these migrants lived in Europe.

If you don’t know history, it will bite your ass while you’re shopping for trendy stuff and watching soaps on TV.

What I have shown you in my videos on “mystical reality” is not a reality for you to b elieve in, and it was never the intention that you’d take them seriously – for your mind has been programmed for different reality.

What escapes you, is that those who run the show, believe in mystical reality and they have no interest in your feelings or opinions. Atain; you’re not programmed to understand that. The whole stream, War on Soul, is in this sense, a joke on you.



Það er rétt að false flag er þreytt – – hvað ef falski fáninn er falsk-raunverulegur?
– er kerfið að hrynja?, er það óskyggja að fólk vakni?
fólk kaupir sér öryggið ennþá meir og lyfjar sig gegn sortanum
rantið getur farið yfir línuna
– – það er eitthvað við París sem snertir mann … en hvað?
athugas. frá vini: Á maður bara ekki að henda öllu þessu bláa hvíta og rauða fólki út. En taktu eftir einu það fólk sem telur sig andlegt var fyrst til að taka þetta upp



The cemeteries are overflowing with essentials. Everyone dies, but in the long run it seems ok.



Who should have the moral authority in your life?



This is a hint. What standardized method is available to you, to check if you’ve been mass hypnotized?



Using Jung’s great maps, is only useful, when using it as a the encouragement to draw your own, and perhaps into the unmappable.



Time is your best friend.
Cruel self-honesty, your scalpel.
Imagination, a universe.



This is the secret to beautiful thinking: If you train yourself to see only the positive in situations or think positive at all times, you’ll never learn how to transform your weakness into strength or turn the negative around its tail.



Don’t think too much. Don’t define too much. Don’t evaluate all of it. Don’t discourage your courage. As John Trudell said in one of his best poems: It has to do with heart.



Do you know why Napoleon was demonized?
It’s actually related to modern times.



I never wanted to save the world or change the world. I only hoped to reach out to find kindred spirits. For I’d like to feel like a member of a real community, if only for a moment. But the darkness is thick and the flame flickers.



You have , in every moment, at every turn of mind, a choice; to write a story or read one. Everything in our world, EVERYTHING, is subject to your creative powers. That’s the joke of the fallen angels.



Without faith and meaning, the masses stay chained. Without realization that all is belief and perception – and both is shaped by will – neither faith or meaning will be restored.



Is media showing you the crash and rescue campaign or smearing campaign? Where is your attention? Assuming that you possess deduction?



The whole world is one big temple of Babylon; the tower of Babel.
The dElite would not dream of deceiving you without your consent.
Learn the gamerules.



The reason that there are only two – and at the most two – conspiracies, and all else is just a mindgame; is that the collective subconscious is hypnotized in is denied to see its self inflicted madness.

Notice, that subconscious is not unconscious.



If all these wargames are a deception, then what are they hiding? Ask the right questions to break the mirrors. Then ask again, for your old hypnosis can choose the desired answers.



Can someone explain to me why people cling to spiritual agony? Why is slipping without falling so frightening to you? Ever ski’d?



I am increasingly of the weird opinion that only a lightangel could have pulled 911 off. It worries me less than it should.



The enemy you cannot find, even if he stands right in front of you. And you won’t look for him if you don’t believe he might exist.



I am who I am, therefore I have no need to give you rules. Who rules you, has no relationship with you.



Since 1955 all major powers have realized that major wars can only be fought in media. ~Fletcher Prouty



Busybody is someone who meddles in someone else’s affairs. Some are arrogant enough to do it across the world.
This post refers to a whole nationstate.



Fight ignorance with culture and education. ~Bashar Assad



Life is simple. We complicate it.
We don’t have to.
There’s a reason we had to learn why.



The turmoil in the human world, as well as nature, is not by what you believe, and it can be healed over night.
Easy as pie.



The class struggle? You struggle to survive. dElite struggles to keep you struggling. You didn’t lose control of your Union, you never saw it slip. You’re just a consumer with opinions.
You are more responsible than you’re taught that you are.



Why refuse to use the mind? It’s so easy.
There is nothing to be afraid of.
No reason for selfhatred.
No need for the agony.
Just slip without falling.



The saddest thing in the world; is a wasted potential. Look and behold, third of humanity on a shopping spree, another third on a killing spree, the third can’t write and almost starves.
And then there are the Melodramerians; worshipping their feelings.



Spin dictionary: “surgical strike” – – dropping tons of napalm on women and children and making it sound nice.



If you were in charge of mass hypnotism, and you owned all the souls, how would you proceed?



Spend less time studying his.
More time making yours.
Check him out from time to time.
He’s just a man telling you where he went.



You can’t fight an Empire of Illusory Mind. You can only leave All Mindsystems. Each head is something that you believe. It’s heart is your self-deception; replace your faith with what inspires life.



Often beneficial to ask how you came into possession of the facts upon you base your opinion. ~Walter Lippmann



No, sweetie. The world hasn’t gone mad. It simply realized it, all of a sudden.



Truth is substance.
Are you Truth?



Job contract is slavery in disguise.

The truth is inside you.
Behind you.

My yoke is light and easy. It only seems hard from the outside.



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