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The Spirit Healer stems from the quest for God. Pursued as a search for spiritual answers from the Great Spirit.

These posts are the result of channeling. Thus each is a channel, or vision, and believed to be real. If they don’t heal your spirit, read them again and slowly.

Guy Ellis has been on a spiritual quest for as long as he remembers. He rejoices in the fact that a spiritual quest must last for eternity to have any meaning. He was baptised as a Christian when he was 20, and loves Jesus in his heart and soul. When he was 45, he answered the calling from God for A Prophet of God.

He distrusts people who take only one book seriously. He also distrusts those who think they know what these statements mean.



Do you feel that you’ve failed? Have you tried to lose weight and failed? Have you failed at the gym? Have you lost something valuable? Have you hurt someone? Have you cheated? Do you feel bad about you failing? Do you feel bad about you? Do you know negative energy? That your negative thoughts hurt others? Can you let go of the hurt others have given you? … Continue reading



I am a parent. Do you have a child? Do you sometimes watch your child learn? Do you often refrain from intervening, so that your child learns? Do you explain everything to your child? Are you always there for your child? Does your child take your love for granted? Do you always care, care for its wellbeing? Do you think I feel the same about you, as … Continue reading



Yes I have servants. Sometimes they are called angels. Angel is a messenger, a servant, and more. Angels can be beings of light, and sometimes they can look dark. Angels can be as terrible as they can be sweet. Not all my angels are beings of spirit. All my angels are spiritual, and some of them don’t know it. Sometimes the most unlikely can be an angel, … Continue reading



Life is in me. I am life. The universe is large. I am larger still. Everything you can see, is with me, I contain all. Every living soul can hear me, everyone are heard in me. To everyone, everywhere, all of the time, I give channels to me. You open your heart, your soul, and you connect, perceive. Every channel, is eternal, consistent, living: Today, yesterday, tomorrow. … Continue reading

Where ever you are

where ever you are

If you seek me, I will feel it. If  you search for me, I will show my self. If you wish to know me, I will invite you in. If you wish to live with me, I will look after you. To me there is a pathway, and my path is not obvious. My place is everywhere, yet it is not easy to see. To loose sight … Continue reading



Every person leads a life of spirit, in some way. Every person shows the fruits of their inner life. Every person has a choice, of life. I am the force of life, I share it with you. I give you freedom to choose. Freedom to be a child in the garden of plenty. Choose carefully, observe the fruits of others. They are not always easy to see. … Continue reading



Many channels exist to me. Everyone ponders me. Everyone has an opinion of me. Everyone calls to me at some point. I am one, I have one face, one spirit. Many systems exist. Many ways of worship are out there. Many dogmas have grown. Many explanations of me. I am one, I have one face, one spirit. Some have ideas of one persona, a mask. Some have … Continue reading

What is a name?

what is a name

The Great Spirit is never ever far away. Part of it is in you. Part of you is with him. He doesn’t care if part of you is with her. He cares for you and your wellbeing. Your wellbeing is also his. Through him, and with him, you can connect. You can connect with everything there is, and everything there was, and everything there will be. He … Continue reading

Warm embrace

warm embrace

The Great Spirit is a part of you, your soul, your being: Your own spirit is part of. No matter how you live, and no matter where you turn: The Great Spirit is always there for you. Somtimes you find, at mysterious turns in your life, through human angels how it is always with you. At every single step in your life. Sometimes it makes you smile, … Continue reading

Original sin

original sin

Today I was walking in nature, thinking about many things. Mostly just minding my own business. It was a cloudy day. I wandered to the concept of the original sin – Christian, Muslim and Hebrew. Most people believe it has something to do with sex. A lot of people have problems regarding sex. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s perfectly natural to have problems. Some people have … Continue reading



Anger is like the wind. It can tear you apart and blow others away from you. But only if you let it. It can crush the spirit inside you. And inside others. But not if you don’t let it. Above all is The Great Spirit. It is above your anger. Like the sun is above the clouds. Allways when the wind of anger subsides, the sun comes … Continue reading



Life was intended to be easy and simple. All you need is air and food. The rest takes care of itself. Society of people is never easy and never simple. There are so many ideas, expectations, beliefs and feelings going around. Often we call it life. Live each day accepting it as it comes, like air, like food. Ask yourself at the end of each day what … Continue reading

You are allowed

you are allowed

The great spirit whispered to me once and I heard those words: You can do what you want, your particular blessing is on its way. There is so often that you fear to be yourselves. How you should be, what you should not do and what-not. Especially what-not. As simple as it is you can play around with life, and around and with people. You can free … Continue reading



Every person in your life, as long as you remember, is a part of you. Some persons came across your path just for an instant and are remembered more clearly than anyone else. Some of them you miss painfully. It takes a sensitive spirit to find that they will always be with you, always be part of you. That they were part of you before and they … Continue reading



Many words exist. Every spoken word exists somewhere – floating. As long as it’s remembered. You can choose to forget words. You can choose to let them pass. You can choose to keep those which matter. You always have a choice. Every word that is spoken, whispered, with loving intent: grows inside. Sometime those who give you the most, are those you did not hear. Sometime the words … Continue reading

First Spirit

first spirit

It came to me in the woods, in an hour of prayer: My ways are not your ways and My love is not your love. I will not guard you from evil, it will get at you, you can choose to fight it. I will be there for you. I will be close to you. You are free to do what your faith allows. I will bless … Continue reading