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The Wings of God’s name lead to a tower of power

Guy Ellis in 2020

Many ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe that Freemasons observe them after their ex-communication, nor do they recognize why this is. Many ex-Witnesses have stumbled in later days of their path of purity after they left the fold, for they forgot the teaching of Job. When the Judge who condemned me for two crimes, of where I was only guilty of one, I realized the “sign of Job” and … Continue reading


Defining a Crime against Humanity requires deliberation


We are told that Hitler started World War 2 when he invaded Poland in 1939. We are never told the real reason as to why Germany invaded Poland or why Poland welcomed it. The German State had repeatedly warned the Polish state that unless it would stop Polish militia committing genocide against the Prussian-German population in Poland, and if it would not stop them from repeated provocative … Continue reading


Seeking a divinely inspired state of mind


I have noticed that many people are seriously concerned, not about the virus or the state’s reaction, but something else which gently agitates their spirit. These things are not always easy to define when detected but when we know how to detect them, it aids us greatly. Let me make two simple examples. You’re driving in traffic and the traffic irritates you, and you believe that it’s … Continue reading


Static culture of intellectual decay


It’s very easy to debate applications of ideas where most people agree to the idea as valid in itself but not as to how to apply it or if not at all. This is where most people get stuck. It’s similar to the question I often pose; Do you believe in god or about god? Using small ‘g’ denotes the god entity as a ruling idea and … Continue reading


Democratic tyranny makes for a delusional state


When voices of political (or scientific) correctness are the only voices you hear, there is total tyranny, and that only ends in one way. When the tyranny is simultaneously global and of one doctrine (dogma, same book worldview), the collapes (if not averted) will also be total. The voices who are warning about this, are not asking for rebellion or revolution, they are asking for your attention, … Continue reading


Everything is something some one has showed us


Looking at theorists and analysts, one might assume that there’s a career in proving the lies of the elites. That is only true if you’re an elitist, because The Elites own most analysts and theorists and use them to send you on a false goose chase. This is easily proven; what do all sides agree on regarding 911 and Kennedy? Use that as a template once you … Continue reading


Obituary for Social Media in the early 21st century


I like YouTube for two reasons. It’s simplistic and fast to use as a viewer and it’s easy to upload content if you’re a private creator. I also like the possibility for the common people to publish their knowledge and opinions. In fact, when publishing my Computer Magazine in Iceland, from 1993 through 1997, I often reflected that this option was only a matter of time. It … Continue reading


Where is my browser when Firefox is dead


One of the first things that I do after installing new software on my computer, is to disable Automatic Updates and if possible to also disable Update Notifications. Obviously it’s nice to be informed when new – and sometimes critical – updates are available to the software that you use. Sometimes months could go by without you remembering that it’s wise to check. On the other hand … Continue reading


Simon – the Leader’s special envoy


The attached PDF document outlines a story that I have been partially working on since early 2018. I don’t expect to finish it – as novels are not my thing. But the story outline is interesting so I decided to post publicy a very very limited skeleton for what catalysted the idea. The PDF document: Simon – The Fuhrers Envoy Iceland, 2019-04-02, Guy Ellis  


The School of Mary — or — Yeshiva of Miriam


Yeshiva is a concept of dedicated study in both written and oral tradition of spiritual science. Yeshua son of Nun (or Yehoshua son of Nun) in a sense means “Initiate of the school of Nun”. Yeshiva is best known as a Judaic tradition but the concept can apply to any scholarly discipline or Lay research, particularly in spiritual and metaphysical science. It is interesting to note that … Continue reading


Aware or Not aware


Blood and Vaccines are regarded in most modern countries to be valid medicinal practices. Much debate has been recently regarding vaccines in various forms and usages, and much heat has formed on the subject. Through the decades since blood transfusions began to gain weight there has as well been heated debates but less obvious to the general public. Many are aware of growing number of people in the industrialized … Continue reading


We only read new content


When I come upon a video on YouTube or when I stumble across an article somewhere on the Web, I quickly scan for the date and I often find that I reject  to even glimpse at stuff which is older than six months. Until today, I saw nothing wrong with this and I’m not about to change my mind. I don’t expect that I’ll be giving older … Continue reading


The Lord of the Rings was a twofold prophecy


It is easy to see when you read Tolkien how the political arena of his time entered the story, along with his personal views and history, combined with his knowledge of myths and folklore. Lord of the Rings is truly fascinating as a fantasy novel, but it also has a ring of truth. This is true of most fantasies. Furthermore, most fantasies have hidden magic, for example, … Continue reading


Reflecting on C. G. Jung and the journey through time


The pioneering mind often coins into words and phrases, concepts which we already have discovered in our subconscious, and hence we recognize the concept when it is expressed. One of the most peculiar things I discovered in my own search for meaning – and much of it is coded in my youtube rants – is when I realized that concepts linger in our minds, sometimes collectively, and … Continue reading


Magic of monotheism


Fighting for other people’s awareness is and has always been a waste of your energy and getting you into that has always been an agenda of the forces who rule, for it keeps you occupied and hanging out to dry. That’s why testifying is important. You state your mind – based on your values and not on your opinions – and then move on, focusing only on … Continue reading


Stalin – The greatest genocidal tyrant in history


Nikita Khrushchev held a speech in 1956 where he blamed Stalin for killing millions of people. He provided no documentation of the state and no proof of budget. Everyone believed him and all demogogues and populists and propaganda ghouls out there have since proudly declared Stalin as one of the greatest genocidal tyrants in history of the world. No state ever kills people without a budget and … Continue reading


A revision of The Seven Seals articles


When I had been given the revelations which opened up to me the meaning of the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, I took my time to put them down in such a way that I could easily explain them to others. From the summer of 2012 until early 2014, I was still reflecting within myself on the scope of the seals and beginning to slowly appreciate their wisdom. … Continue reading


There is no proof that the Universe is expanding


Astrophysics claims that the Universe is expanding. It believes this because of some spectroanalysis on light emanating from very tiny spots seen through telescopes. That should tell us all we need to know about Astrophysics and humanist orthodoxy, but there is a proof that they don’t know, If the Universe expands, then it must expand from someplace, a fixed point. If there is a fixed point and … Continue reading


Democracy for the Brainwashed


Sometimes the “Self Evident” escapes our argument when we engage in a discourse about objects or concepts within the framework of our worldviews. Democracy in our world is the right way, we believe, but are we aware that it’s an umbrella concept? For example we know – presumably for a fact – that non-democratic regimes being tyrannical and we also know for presumable fact that anyone who doesn’t … Continue reading


How Freemasonry becomes your destroyer


When you join into an ideology, and you submit your spiritual reasoning to it, your intellectual reasoning will authorize it’s power over you. In effect, you will belong to it. That ideology can be anything, Humanism, Mysticism, Idolism, Judaism, Christianism, Islamism or Nirvanism. All other ideologies fit in one way or another within these Seven Congregations of Satanism; founded by Samael, an angel of light. The only … Continue reading


Facing the journey


When you awaken, you will realize a new path in your life. In a sense you will rediscover your Soul, the Universe’s soul, and you will embrace destiny and creativity which is neither positive or negative. It simply is, and so are you. That moment is when you will first realize the value of your ego, and if you accept that value and what it means, it … Continue reading


Islam a religion of Peace or War


I read somewhere that The U.N. is suggesting to put a ban on criticism of religions. Particularly this direction, if true, suggests a response to Muslim’s growing sensitivity for criticism on their religion. Personally I’m not buying into it, though melodramatic over-sensitivity seems to be ever growing in all corners of the globe. From my experience, from discussing religious matters with Muslims, it seems that Mainstream Media … Continue reading


Yehoshua son of Miriam – Jesus Christ – was a Roman Citizen


Neither the Sanhedrin nor King Herod, but only Pontius Pilate, could pass judgment over Yehoshua son of Miriam and Joseph. He had inherited Roman citizenship from his father, which was one of the reasons that they could travel freely within the Roman empire (on Roman roads). Notice that Yehoshua was sentenced for “claiming kingship” and not for blasphemy. If he had been a citizen of Judea or … Continue reading


A Database system for all the information in the world


Two days ago I was wondering about Database systems. What kind of a database system would a conspiratorial cabal choose to use, in order to collect huge amount of data. Tailor made for themselves. One specific system came to mind; Oracle. Ten minutes later I had googled the name of its founder and creator, who is one of the richest men in the world and analyzed. That’s … Continue reading


The Evil of Adolf Hitler in his own words

Screenshot 2016-03-29 01.56.27

The following text is a translation of a speech Adolf Hitler gave to to German workers on December 10, 1940. By this time the WW2 had been raging for more than a year, English bombers had made ten illegal bombing raids on Civilan parts of Berlin, which resulted in German retaliation for a few weeks, often referred to as “The Blitz”. At the bottom of this page is … Continue reading


The question about Aliens


It’s not a question if there are aliens out there. The name itself is egotistical and negative. First it implies that they have to visit us. Second we brand them as “different” and “outlandish” and “foreign” and “suspect”. The question is, in my mind, is space travel dependent on a positive creative and spiritual vision? Therefore I don’t ask if there are aliens out there, but if … Continue reading


Jehovah’s Witnesses were right regarding 1975


Everyone has heard something about the infamous Christian religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Though many don’t know that they’re Christian but they are and they take it both seriously and literally. I belonged to that sectarian religion for a while and there is a reason why I don’t write much about it. I have never made it a secret. In fact you will find a mention of that … Continue reading


Threading an eye of the needle with a rope


Long time ago there was a prophet who said that it would be easier for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of the Heavens than for a Camel to go through the eye of the needle. Ever since people have taken his words out of context in our world of fear and hate. Take for example one of his most ferocious pupils Paul, when he wrote … Continue reading


Iceland inspired by the temple of disgrace


Cassie has been brutally oppressed and persecuted by the power-elite of Iceland since she moved here from the USA to live with her Icelandic husband. Her children have been kidnapped from her by force without any legal authorization or viable explanation and her case been marginalized in the mainstream media. Her friend Sunna, who is half Icelandic and half American, has also been persecuted and victimized by … Continue reading


Deciphering self hypnosis


Self hypnotism works like this; all your ideas are your truth. All other peoples ideas are stupid, except of those who lead and inspire yours. There’s a second step to this process which shouts at you the moment you begin to see it – a moment which lasts for about 3 months – and has to do with regulating your brainwaves and replacing your natural imagination with … Continue reading


Searching for the lost Ark of the Covenant


You already know that Democracy is a fraud. What I doubt that you know, is that there are at least seven forms of democracy. The reason that you don’t know this is simple. Imagine for a moment that Main media says Beef every time that it wants to sell you the notion. But you know that Beef is just a meat off a particular type of animal. … Continue reading


Prophecy of the Nuclear Holocaust


These two talks are about a prophecy which came to me in june 2015. It is a very serious and alarming prophecy, which hopefully is a false one, but many points are joined presently in our current geopolitics and propaganda.   Prophecy of the Real Holocaust httpv://     Explaining the Prophecy of the Real Holocaust httpv://   Earlier this year I wrote an article about a possible Nuclear false … Continue reading


The true nature of Idolatry and mobile statues


An Idol is any idea or image within your mind – or in your environment and worldview – which you make valid by your actions and lifestyle. It robs you of the creative powers of your Soul and narrows your inner vision down to a two dimensional constraint; rendering you effectively powerless and void of meaning. This also applies to your image of God, as long as you … Continue reading


Being an Introvert or an Extrovert or a Bivert


It’s not uncommon that introverts are classified “highly sensitive person” and for good reason, because they are in a way more transparent on the surface. Therefore how they’re feeling and how their sensations affect them is often more exposed to others. As a consequence the extroverts are less classified or not at all, for their surface is more shielded and more polished and they seem at first … Continue reading


Satan created anti-semitism to deceive and hypnotise


Anti-semitism doesn’t exist and never has. Its concept and illusion is created exclusively by a mystical shadow entity to deceive you from connecting the hidden points of knowledge and understanding, to hinder you and confuse you. This is easy to prove but two points suffice; 1) Without the main media keeping anti-semitism afloat, noone would think of it. Out of sight, out of mind. 2) Arabs and Hebrews … Continue reading


Organized guerrilla armies and the great Jihad


In the weeks before Nato’s invasion of Iraq something happened in Iraq noone has told you about. Saddam knew that his army had no hope of withstanding the invasion but it wasn’t in his nature to give up too easily. You’ve been told that after Baghdad fell he hid himself like a squirrel in a hole in the ground; but you’re not told why he believed that … Continue reading


Remove the value of every concept, but not the meaning


You can take your New Information and shove it. I want to reinvestigate Old Information and then ostracize those who used it to lie to me. The word investigate means; find out what was hidden from sight. Then we can talk about something new. Do not for a minute believe that since 1955 the wars have something to do with landgains or resources. Not one of them … Continue reading


Monotheism versus Idolatry


The faith of Monotheism is a very ancient one and it is the purest form of faith you can find. It is transformative, clear, moving, and true. All of its prophets have advocated three foundations of faith. One and the most important is that there is only one supreme all powerful creator. Second that a person who approaches our creator and is open to him (or her) … Continue reading


Perceptions of expected reality


It isn’t about someone controlling you. It’s about your will. All conspiracy theorists are simply projecting their own anger and fear. They have deciphered an illusion, discovered a deception, and then they project onto it what some – supposedly evil – minds or entities must have had in mind or be having in mind. As I point out so often; you must go deeper into the labyrinth … Continue reading


The Soul creates the world, unknowingly


It’s no secret that I’m hooked on consciousness, and for a good reason for I found there an entire world, a far greater world than the hypnotized slice offers. What it is and how it is, I cannot divulge. Let’s just say that you have to map it out for yourself, and learn how to be the highwayman*. One aspect of what consciousness is – but not … Continue reading


A spiral of diverse perceptions


You hear much talk about consciousness, different kinds, expanding or higher or different or shifting and so forth. What you don’t hear so much that it’s all egotistical and none of it soulful. For there is only one human consciousness and it’s only a realm within a consciousness where everything that lives has a share. Ego tries to define subjects and label them but soul doesn’t need … Continue reading


Shaping and refining the mind of the masses


If you objectively observe modern culture, you’ll realize that you’ve been subliminally conditioned to place your own opinions first – which atomizes you – and secondly to find it – a bit – absurd to believe that invisible entities are present. All of us, even many Atheists, are interested in the existence of invisible entities. Usually if you suggest to an atheist that he has a guardian … Continue reading


Seven stages of monetary doom


In spite of all the education available, why don’t economists, financial specialists, accountants, journalists, politicians, academics, understand the “seven stages of monetary doom?” The easy answer is simple one. In a culture who doesn’t admit to guilt and failure, in times when people brush up their appearances and kiss ass and don’t know how to stand by their opinions, turning them into values, where people prefer owning … Continue reading


A good name for The Sun


If “conscious aware” is a flow of the Soul and if the spark that created soul was purer than light itself, then beings are not confined to the material circumstances we’re made in – and from – but can in fact be in any realm of the Universe. In my opinion, the Universe does not have or contain life but is life itself, which makes us literally … Continue reading


Collective Unconscious creates the perceived world


The world is projected and created by our collective unconscious. For the Soul is a creative power. This is the reason that once the world was believed to be flat, it was, and this is why you cannot see beyond your limits. You are for example led to believe that science can perceive outside the scope of our atmosphere, but it doesn’t explain to you that its … Continue reading


Kit Pedler and the Quest for Gaia


One of my favorite books. Someone gave it to me in 1992 or 3. It’s very extremist, but logical and regrettably spot on. Kit Pedler’s Book Mind over matter – one episode. A smart shop in Germany – (link 2) – inspired by similar thought. … no I don’t live by it, but all of us should.  


Pain follows the path of awakening Soul


We are born in darkness and when we grow strong enough to explore the dark world we hear tales of light. As we begin to chase the false lights of many colors we become illusified and slowly, painfully become aware. We find the twilight where shadows and wraiths slow us down and deceive us and we begin to conjure our own lights of many colors. Until the day … Continue reading


Ignoring your village will kill you


I don’t mind that it is difficult for people to understand that the sun shines. I don’t mind that people find it difficult to connect dots if they have a lot of? ?knowledge? from their educational years but know nothing about generating information. I mind when a teenager of modern times knows more today than Leonardo DaVinci knew, more than Christopher Columbus knew, more than William Shakespeare … Continue reading


About the Road Less Traveled


Many want wisdom. Some get it. Some ask to share in it. Those who get it usually share it. Those who ask for it rarely get it. Because from hearing to understanding is a long and crooked road. A road as long as it takes to test the limits and determination of our souls. A road less traveled that cannot be shown, only discovered. Those who take … Continue reading


Your spiritual destiny vs. egodestiny


Your morality and ethics are chosen, defined, and taught, by those who hold moral and governing authority in your society. By choosing what propaganda or news you’ll see the world through i.e. media and education, you will not easily see if they hold to the same values, and you will assume that they do. Furthermore, if you have not been taught to question “the self evidency” of … Continue reading


Deception of the Vegan diet


It’s my firm belief that nature never intended us to be Vegans or Vegetarians. Else we’d not be Omnivores. Just like our dogs and cats are carnivores. We don’t even attempt to put them on vegetarian diet. The beauty of this attitude, as with all things of spiritual nature, is that as an omnivore you can be a vegetarian if you want, but your dog cannot. I have friends who are fierce Vegans … Continue reading


All the things that are wrong with the world


Someone once posted something to show what is wrong with the world. Something struck with me, particularly for how many agreed and shared, and also some comments by people who kept identifiying what is wrong with the world. I couldn’t resist to respond; there’s nothing really wrong with the world, except for identifying what needs to be changed. As I am aware that it’s easy to define … Continue reading


The Hebdo deception in Paris


The Industrial Ghetto was in turmoil for a few days after the murder of 12 individuals in Paris. Where is a list of their names? Amazingly few of us seem to notice that their assassins behaved as trained military operatives and acted in every way as professionals. First they shot some trained security guards who didn’t get to fire even one shot in defense. Then they raced … Continue reading


Sniper-shooting opinion pigeons


I hate war in all forms and I utterly despise anyone justifying any form of killing a human being for any cause, without exception. You cannot fight evil with evil, no matter how you look or sound; Evil is pro death. There is no difference between soldiers killing for God or Democracy or some patriotic propaganda; both are killing for an abstract idea, both believe that they … Continue reading


Condemning other people’s faith condemns the judge


There is much discussion in the world, secular and non-secular, saying that The Koran – or Qu’ran – condemns Jews and Christians. Some of the people who claim this even claim to have studied Islam to an extent. I for one know for a fact that no true prophet of The One God would dare to condemn other prophets, other scriptures or other faiths. A prophet is … Continue reading


The ticking time bomb of nine past eleven


I remember clearly where I was on 911. In Iceland it was around lunch time and I had dropped by at a friend’s place to discuss a personal matter. His girlfriend rang him and said “turn on the news.” We did and then watched, dumbfounded. Do you remember where you were on that morning, who you were with and what you were doing? Do you remember the … Continue reading


Shadow Racism of the Hippocrite


Within the Roman province of the modern empire, you are politically incorrect if you say Black person or a Colored person, so you have to say African American. This is the worst form of racism I’ve ever witnessed. If the empire meant racial equality the politically correct term would be American. Just like Caucasian Americans are now referred to as Americans. It doesn’t matter what term you … Continue reading


The Anglo Saxon conspiracy will soon be evident


We who are subjects in western democracies have been made to believe that there is a UK-USA partnership when there isn’t one. Yet it might appear to be and for a very good reason. It is usually referred to as Anglo-American partnership. The Anglo-Saxon conspiracy is the suggestion that there exists a powerful elite in the United Kingdom and elsewhere working towards the demise of the American empire … Continue reading


The sacrificial citylamb of Nuclear games


There are at least five satellites in orbit and only two of them belong to the same country, each containing between three and nine nuclear warheads of miniscule Hydrogen Bombs. If a bomb of this type is detonated five hundred kilometers above your city, only the city center would burn, but all electrical equipment for the radius of 2.000 kilometers would be rendered totaly useless and dead because … Continue reading


There are four kinds of people


Two thirds of people are interested in the surface. How do they look, how does their career seem be and do they speak and write correctly. They are also interested in diplomas for superficial achievements and they discuss people. Two thirds the rest are those who are interested in events and building things. Those are the ones who will create careers and news for the first group. They understand why … Continue reading


Treat me like a Black Homosexual Woman in Sub-Sahara


I once heard the statement that a man cannot know what it feels like to be a black man in the Industrial countries, particularly in the North American Empire. Did you notice that I forgot to say “white man?” Reflectively when I look into a mirror I see a white man and my experiences are such. It is the same regarding Gender Equality; how can I understand … Continue reading


Life without meaning is void


I have for a while held the opinion that when an idea is presented to my mind, that my cognitive abilities elaborate on it and when creativity is awakened that the idea is connected to other idea(s). In essence, I am simply a manifestation of *something* from the Universe and that I am neither a separate entity but more a perception of such, and in the same … Continue reading


Update on the Hebdo Deception


As I wrote in my last article about the Hebdo Deception – the attack was fabricated to justify increased violence by the ruling Elite against the growing number of Sharia Micronations in European countries. There are great points in the following clip from Abby Martin’s show Breaking the Set, which enforce this view of mine.   httpv://   I also wish to point out a recent message from … Continue reading


The Shadow of the Charlie Hebdo deception


There are many controversies regarding the Charlie Hebdo massacre which I won’t get into in this article. I’ve explained my suspicions in two earlier articles on this site already. I also have detailed my suspicions on my Icelandic site ( and perhaps will copy and translate that piece onto this one for consistency, as it cuts to the chase. That being said, I am convinced that the … Continue reading


Reflecting on Rudolf Steiner

This post is a note or memo, as I’m still researching Rudolf Steiner. Though while I’m on the task I wish to share a Youtube playlist of six talks with reflections on a series of lectures by Steiner in the early 20th century. I’m a bit awed, for some perceptions and insights I have been given in the early 21st century he seems to have been given … Continue reading


The leader of the fallen angels imprisoned


I had this vision around april 2014, of the leader of the fallen angels imprisoned and being very sour about it – sitting on a throne in a dark dimly lit cave deep below a surface. … and confusion in the world follows. Something tells me that it happened between the inspiration of God’s Will and the final written explanations of “The Seven Angels” and “The Seven … Continue reading


How the Jewish faith lost God’s favor


Before we go deeper into the subject I need to make two statements for clarity. The first is that I hate racism in any form. Second that I highly respect and admire the Hebrew or Jewish nation. I hope also that my reader noticed the careful choice of words in the title for this article. There is a great difference between Faith and Religion and there is also great … Continue reading


The Christians wage war on other faiths


The original message of Yehoshua son of Mary was to promote the same freedom and Inspiration as all true prophets before him and all true prophets after him. His core message, as with that of the others, is a simple two step method to find true personal inspiratin from Our Creator. 1). Open up a a personal inspired relationship. 2) Abolish idolatry. Each prophet teaches this insight … Continue reading


The western mainstream versus the Islam mainstream


There are reasons why the so called “Muslim world” is upset about the famed caricature and all of said reasons are inalid and condemn those who do the condemning. The main reason is because Mohammad strictly forbade any pictures of him because as a prophet he fought against idolatry. Therefore any picture of M. would upset any devout Muslim. But the moment the muslim decides to mock … Continue reading


The Feminine Spider and the Masculine Bee


It’s the nature of love that all partners will assume roles, the masculine and the feminine. This is not subject to gender identity. When the masculine role draws to the feminine something spectacular takes place. The masculine transforms into a worker bee drawn to a flower and the feminine transforms into a spider weaving a wonderful web invisible to bees. If both souls – assuming the traditional duo … Continue reading


Reflecting on John Trudell


This man was mentioned in God’s Will for a very good reason. For the view of the spiritual perception, his understanding and insight is profound. I discovered him by chance through someone else who loved his poetry and music. I borrowed a named “A.K.A. GRAFITTI MAN” and simply fell in love with the poetry, the music and the spiritual content, so much that I bought myself a copy … Continue reading


Reflecting on Jiddu Krishnamurti


I usually don’t like gurus, for so many of them simply quote what they have learnt from books, rehearsed and practiced until they sound perfect. But K – as he liked to be called – isn’t like them. He does what I do, but far better than I, to connect with infinity and let it speak. Another aspect I like about him, is that he doesn’t care … Continue reading


To find your voice you must leave normal behind


You live in a world wide culture denying God, even those who claim to believe that he exists rarely believe in him and don’t do real worship. Of course there are explanations, rules and many regulations, ideas and even doubts in your own mind;  insecurities and enigmas – about him or her or it. I was just the same. Until the summer of 2010 when I received the first inspiration. I had … Continue reading


Individuals are numbers in a large machine


If you would realize and see clearly that Edward Snowden was and is a Russian spy and that he was planted years ago, you’d also realize that the Russian intelligence service  is still using old KGB programs. You would also realise what the USA (or rather the NSA) doesn’t want you to figure out; that yes they spy literally on everyone but also that their databanks are insecure. That … Continue reading


Monotheism or the Faith in One Creator


The most famous of the Monotheistic religions are Christians, Jews, Muslims and Zoroasters. They all teach that there are two forces fighting an eternal battle. The common term for these religions is the word “Monotheism.” Some people use the term “Abrahamic” but that would leave Zoroasters out of the picture. From my point of view these terms are in itself a symptom of the dark forces trying … Continue reading


All monotheistic religions have failed


I’ve been given the insight to understand why Islam failed and also where the prophet Mohammad made one great mistake which eventually lead to the said failure. Not that it matters. Islam was the successor to the Christian faith, which was successor to the Hebraic faith, which was born simultaneously with the Zoroastrian faith. But look and behold: I am not speaking of Religions but of Faiths. … Continue reading


The soul is the temple


We are victims of brutal assault on our common awareness; which as you know is a fusion of our consciousness, the unconscious and the common unconscious (or common subconscious). The assault has recently been coined by the definition of “atomization of society”. I doubt that I have to explain what that means. I also doubt that you need a direction for the way out. Once you connect … Continue reading


Follow the drug money


There’s a lot to be said about drugs. I used to get a lung infection called bronchitis a couple of times every year for a few years. Doctors gave me prescriptions and told me that I would never get free from this. I was explained that because I’d had pneumonia as an infant and because I smoked that I’d always be vulnerable to the infection. I was … Continue reading


Worlds of all the egos worship their dreams


We live in a culture that learned 3500 years ago to avoid the truth about ourselves and our values dancing around and worshipping the golden calf. One of its popular forms today is “all your dreams will come true if you believe in them”. Well, tell that to people in prisons, in camps, in war times, and particularly those who cannot pay their debts and their bills. … Continue reading


Gratitude embraces a graceful Universe


Universe likes gracefulness in you, because it is itself a graceful Universe. That’s why gratitude is more attractive than egocentric selfhisness. For the past 5000 years of human history we have believed in one God. The idea isn’t older than that. Yet human kind is 200.000 years old – approximately. This means that if human kind was only 100 years old, we would have believed in One … Continue reading


The Spanish Flu may have been created


Most diseases went away because people began showering, washing hands, stopped drinking from shared barrels and had access to clean tap (or bootled) water, and because it was easier to wash clothes and linen, clean and disinfect houses. Food became better because of fridgerated containers from farmer to consumer and because of increased hygiene in food production and because of safer storage methods. Let’s not forget indoor … Continue reading


When demons possess your powers


All religions in the world focus on outer deities. Except for a few which focus on esoteric understandings or spiritual philosophies. Even those focus on something outside, yet all of them know that the spiritual world reflects the making of your Soul. Everything you perceive in your life is reflected by your mind, or by the way your mind understands what comes through your senses. The only … Continue reading


How humanity loses its meaning


I see a world in distress, full of people who seem to have lost their meaning. And I care. But I do not want to give you a meaning, and I believe that God doesn’t either.  Because a meaning for your life, and meaning for humanity, can only grow from within your Soul. That God would inspire you to define a meaning, and that God would make himself … Continue reading


Limits are a physical challenge and imagined


If you believe that you cannot do something, then you won’t be able to do it. You won’t even start. If you believe you can, you might start. Then you will meet an obstacle which tests the strength of your resolve. Resolve is a spiritual element belonging to your soul. When you begin to work with your soul and allow it to youse your mind – your … Continue reading


Be classified in a system or be a natural human


I am sometimes an introvert who forgets that he has friends, forgets to call or to write. Sometimes I am an extrovert and seek out my friends and others to communicate with. Sometimes I am emotional over big or small issues and think about things in circles for a long time and sometimes I am relaxed about issues and have no worries. Sometimes I love too much … Continue reading


Being bothered or swimalong


To sum it up, it’s not about Steve Jobs, it’s about You: How #aware are you of what’s going on? How tuned in are you to diverse subjects and their impacts. How focused are you on your impact on the world and the value of you rattitude and your word. Steve Jobs’s genious is that he has always known his personal answers to these questions. And he’s … Continue reading


Demon of indoctrination disguised as an angel


What drives most thinking people away from faith is how religions have sacrificed their content for rules and form. Slowly through the centuries we – the common people – have been led away from inspiration towards indoctrination. Education has not been able to lift this yoke of the mind and we see the results everywhere. We constantly let other people lead us to their truths and solutions, giving … Continue reading


Dream of who your soul desires to be


Close your eyes and travel to your dream. Not the dream of all you want to have, for what you can have you can also lose. Not to the dream inspired by others, because you can never be others.  Go to the dream of who you want to be.  Dream of who your soul has always wanted to be. Don’t dream of what you can be, only … Continue reading


Sexy side to spiritual journey


There are many in the world, and in fact through history, that believe or feel that sex has no business with spirituality. Many religious institutions have influenced this attitude, amongst the most influential being the Christian churches. Rigid Christianity is not the only area where this has been practiced. Observe for example the Buddhist monks and nuns, or the denouncing of carnal pleasures by many Hindu’s. Many … Continue reading


The illusion of the Big Bang


I love science and believe the Big Bang theory; that in an instant the Universe sprang into existence in one immeasurable moment or less. Just like it says in the Bible that in the beginning there was darkness and God said “let there be light.” Today’s science has proved through the Quantum theory that the whole of Universe is literally made out of light, that light drives … Continue reading


Spiritual malnourishment of the masses


The masses of modern culture search for instant gratification all over the world and the populations desire a solution to ageless questions like why we are here, how to escape emotional pain, and other difficult questions. All the while the structures of power, economy and religious doctrine enforces the sensation of fear and feeling of being inadequate among the people. Then people turn to their leaders, to … Continue reading


Revealing the legacy of reptilians


Staying authentic isn’t easy in a world of shrouds. Yet I will tell you one bit of information not many have discovered. The gift of memory has nothing to do with your brain, nothing to do with your physical body at all. A radio receiver might believe that it knows what it receives on the channels but it doesn’t know it. Just like your mind receives insight … Continue reading


Islam and Christianity are troubled brothers


There is a prophecy that explains that the grand religions of Christianity and Islam will be slain by divine creed through the refusals of people adhering to their rule. These two grand religions are described as prophets, or servants, of God and that they have great power on earth while they rule. This is from the book of Revelations of the Holy Bible, chapter 11. It is … Continue reading


When love came to town the town was empty


Almost four thousand years ago two men who never met had a phenomenal idea. Noone had ever thought of this and it took more than two thousand years for the idea to spread. It is amazingly simple, yet for many so hard, and still transformational and moving once it takes hold. The two prophets were Zoroaster and Abraham. Both came from relatively the same area and in … Continue reading


Convergence of the nine realms


I’m awake now! But awake to what? What perception illuminates you today, might hypnotize you tomorrow. Remember that the devil is a Being of light, which has power over all seven realms, and can possibly traverse the remaining two. Yes there are nine realms of vibration or awareness. If that being could hypnotize and lead the angels, which know more than you and I know combined, and … Continue reading


How to boycott our home and harm Gaia


James Lovelock was the first scientist to notice that our culture was beginning to change the atmosphere. He has been a respected scientist and inventor for over sixty years. When he put together the Gaia Hypothesis he had been working with Nasa in a group with other scientists, among them being the world famous Carl Sagan. Nasa had assembled this group to study how likely it would … Continue reading


TV is no substitute for campfire


It was the year 2004 that I was sitting in front of a TV, with someone I used to live with. We often had this habit that she sent me to the local video rental to find good films while she prepared something delicious. Then we had nice dinner and later watched a film or two. It was nice and we both liked it. But one particular … Continue reading


Don’t despair the young


At last I admit that I don’t belong anymore to the young. Though I’ve felt eighteen since eighteen, I’ve gradually grown. I love it when I come across messages from younger generation, saying and thinking about issues in much the same way I’d like to do if I were clever. Lucky enoug, the two videos I’ll post here speak for themselves.   httpv://   Deluded Minds by … Continue reading


Did we fly to the moon?

Screenshot 2014-07-19 15.15.39

Conspiracy theories are always important and popular. Most people consider them to be funny stories by lunatics. Others feel thay offer an important view of the times. Do we ask ourselves why conspiracy is so interesting? We might learn something about ourselves if we found find the answer to this question. Could it be that we expect most people to lie often or do we expect truth? … Continue reading