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The posts in this category are short points on various subjects and observations. Too short to be articles of reflections and long enough to consider. Most of all, they won’t take up too much of your time.

Simon – the Leader’s special envoy


The attached PDF document outlines a story that I have been partially working on since early 2018. I don’t expect to finish it – as novels are not my thing. But the story outline is interesting so I decided to post publicy a very very limited skeleton for what catalysted the idea. The PDF document: Simon – The Fuhrers Envoy Iceland, 2019-04-02, Guy Ellis  

Aware or Not aware


Blood and Vaccines are regarded in most modern countries to be valid medicinal practices. Much debate has been recently regarding vaccines in various forms and usages, and much heat has formed on the subject. Through the decades since blood transfusions began to gain weight there has as well been heated debates but less obvious to the general public. Many are aware of growing number of people in the industrialized … Continue reading

The Lord of the Rings was a twofold prophecy


It is easy to see when you read Tolkien how the political arena of his time entered the story, along with his personal views and history, combined with his knowledge of myths and folklore. Lord of the Rings is truly fascinating as a fantasy novel, but it also has a ring of truth. This is true of most fantasies. Furthermore, most fantasies have hidden magic, for example, … Continue reading

There is no proof that the Universe is expanding


Astrophysics claims that the Universe is expanding. It believes this because of some spectroanalysis on light emanating from very tiny spots seen through telescopes. That should tell us all we need to know about Astrophysics and humanist orthodoxy, but there is a proof that they don’t know, If the Universe expands, then it must expand from someplace, a fixed point. If there is a fixed point and … Continue reading

Facing the journey


When you awaken, you will realize a new path in your life. In a sense you will rediscover your Soul, the Universe’s soul, and you will embrace destiny and creativity which is neither positive or negative. It simply is, and so are you. That moment is when you will first realize the value of your ego, and if you accept that value and what it means, it … Continue reading

A Database system for all the information in the world


Two days ago I was wondering about Database systems. What kind of a database system would a conspiratorial cabal choose to use, in order to collect huge amount of data. Tailor made for themselves. One specific system came to mind; Oracle. Ten minutes later I had googled the name of its founder and creator, who is one of the richest men in the world and analyzed. That’s … Continue reading

The question about Aliens


It’s not a question if there are aliens out there. The name itself is egotistical and negative. First it implies that they have to visit us. Second we brand them as “different” and “outlandish” and “foreign” and “suspect”. The question is, in my mind, is space travel dependent on a positive creative and spiritual vision? Therefore I don’t ask if there are aliens out there, but if … Continue reading

Deciphering self hypnosis


Self hypnotism works like this; all your ideas are your truth. All other peoples ideas are stupid, except of those who lead and inspire yours. There’s a second step to this process which shouts at you the moment you begin to see it – a moment which lasts for about 3 months – and has to do with regulating your brainwaves and replacing your natural imagination with … Continue reading

Seven stages of monetary doom


In spite of all the education available, why don’t economists, financial specialists, accountants, journalists, politicians, academics, understand the “seven stages of monetary doom?” The easy answer is simple one. In a culture who doesn’t admit to guilt and failure, in times when people brush up their appearances and kiss ass and don’t know how to stand by their opinions, turning them into values, where people prefer owning … Continue reading

Kit Pedler and the Quest for Gaia


One of my favorite books. Someone gave it to me in 1992 or 3. It’s very extremist, but logical and regrettably spot on. Kit Pedler’s Book Mind over matter – one episode. A smart shop in Germany – (link 2) – inspired by similar thought. … no I don’t live by it, but all of us should.  

About the Road Less Traveled


Many want wisdom. Some get it. Some ask to share in it. Those who get it usually share it. Those who ask for it rarely get it. Because from hearing to understanding is a long and crooked road. A road as long as it takes to test the limits and determination of our souls. A road less traveled that cannot be shown, only discovered. Those who take … Continue reading

Your spiritual destiny vs. egodestiny


Your morality and ethics are chosen, defined, and taught, by those who hold moral and governing authority in your society. By choosing what propaganda or news you’ll see the world through i.e. media and education, you will not easily see if they hold to the same values, and you will assume that they do. Furthermore, if you have not been taught to question “the self evidency” of … Continue reading

All the things that are wrong with the world


Someone once posted something to show what is wrong with the world. Something struck with me, particularly for how many agreed and shared, and also some comments by people who kept identifiying what is wrong with the world. I couldn’t resist to respond; there’s nothing really wrong with the world, except for identifying what needs to be changed. As I am aware that it’s easy to define … Continue reading

The ticking time bomb of nine past eleven


I remember clearly where I was on 911. In Iceland it was around lunch time and I had dropped by at a friend’s place to discuss a personal matter. His girlfriend rang him and said “turn on the news.” We did and then watched, dumbfounded. Do you remember where you were on that morning, who you were with and what you were doing? Do you remember the … Continue reading

Shadow Racism of the Hippocrite


Within the Roman province of the modern empire, you are politically incorrect if you say Black person or a Colored person, so you have to say African American. This is the worst form of racism I’ve ever witnessed. If the empire meant racial equality the politically correct term would be American. Just like Caucasian Americans are now referred to as Americans. It doesn’t matter what term you … Continue reading

The sacrificial citylamb of Nuclear games


There are at least five satellites in orbit and only two of them belong to the same country, each containing between three and nine nuclear warheads of miniscule Hydrogen Bombs. If a bomb of this type is detonated five hundred kilometers above your city, only the city center would burn, but all electrical equipment for the radius of 2.000 kilometers would be rendered totaly useless and dead because … Continue reading

There are four kinds of people


Two thirds of people are interested in the surface. How do they look, how does their career seem be and do they speak and write correctly. They are also interested in diplomas for superficial achievements and they discuss people. Two thirds the rest are those who are interested in events and building things. Those are the ones who will create careers and news for the first group. They understand why … Continue reading

Treat me like a Black Homosexual Woman in Sub-Sahara


I once heard the statement that a man cannot know what it feels like to be a black man in the Industrial countries, particularly in the North American Empire. Did you notice that I forgot to say “white man?” Reflectively when I look into a mirror I see a white man and my experiences are such. It is the same regarding Gender Equality; how can I understand … Continue reading

Life without meaning is void


I have for a while held the opinion that when an idea is presented to my mind, that my cognitive abilities elaborate on it and when creativity is awakened that the idea is connected to other idea(s). In essence, I am simply a manifestation of *something* from the Universe and that I am neither a separate entity but more a perception of such, and in the same … Continue reading

The leader of the fallen angels imprisoned


I had this vision around april 2014, of the leader of the fallen angels imprisoned and being very sour about it – sitting on a throne in a dark dimly lit cave deep below a surface. … and confusion in the world follows. Something tells me that it happened between the inspiration of God’s Will and the final written explanations of “The Seven Angels” and “The Seven … Continue reading

Individuals are numbers in a large machine


If you would realize and see clearly that Edward Snowden was and is a Russian spy and that he was planted years ago, you’d also realize that the Russian intelligence service  is still using old KGB programs. You would also realise what the USA (or rather the NSA) doesn’t want you to figure out; that yes they spy literally on everyone but also that their databanks are insecure. That … Continue reading

Monotheism or the Faith in One Creator


The most famous of the Monotheistic religions are Christians, Jews, Muslims and Zoroasters. They all teach that there are two forces fighting an eternal battle. The common term for these religions is the word “Monotheism.” Some people use the term “Abrahamic” but that would leave Zoroasters out of the picture. From my point of view these terms are in itself a symptom of the dark forces trying … Continue reading

All monotheistic religions have failed


I’ve been given the insight to understand why Islam failed and also where the prophet Mohammad made one great mistake which eventually lead to the said failure. Not that it matters. Islam was the successor to the Christian faith, which was successor to the Hebraic faith, which was born simultaneously with the Zoroastrian faith. But look and behold: I am not speaking of Religions but of Faiths. … Continue reading

The soul is the temple


We are victims of brutal assault on our common awareness; which as you know is a fusion of our consciousness, the unconscious and the common unconscious (or common subconscious). The assault has recently been coined by the definition of “atomization of society”. I doubt that I have to explain what that means. I also doubt that you need a direction for the way out. Once you connect … Continue reading

Worlds of all the egos worship their dreams


We live in a culture that learned 3500 years ago to avoid the truth about ourselves and our values dancing around and worshipping the golden calf. One of its popular forms today is “all your dreams will come true if you believe in them”. Well, tell that to people in prisons, in camps, in war times, and particularly those who cannot pay their debts and their bills. … Continue reading

The Spanish Flu may have been created


Most diseases went away because people began showering, washing hands, stopped drinking from shared barrels and had access to clean tap (or bootled) water, and because it was easier to wash clothes and linen, clean and disinfect houses. Food became better because of fridgerated containers from farmer to consumer and because of increased hygiene in food production and because of safer storage methods. Let’s not forget indoor … Continue reading

When demons possess your powers


All religions in the world focus on outer deities. Except for a few which focus on esoteric understandings or spiritual philosophies. Even those focus on something outside, yet all of them know that the spiritual world reflects the making of your Soul. Everything you perceive in your life is reflected by your mind, or by the way your mind understands what comes through your senses. The only … Continue reading

How humanity loses its meaning


I see a world in distress, full of people who seem to have lost their meaning. And I care. But I do not want to give you a meaning, and I believe that God doesn’t either.  Because a meaning for your life, and meaning for humanity, can only grow from within your Soul. That God would inspire you to define a meaning, and that God would make himself … Continue reading

Limits are a physical challenge and imagined


If you believe that you cannot do something, then you won’t be able to do it. You won’t even start. If you believe you can, you might start. Then you will meet an obstacle which tests the strength of your resolve. Resolve is a spiritual element belonging to your soul. When you begin to work with your soul and allow it to youse your mind – your … Continue reading

Be classified in a system or be a natural human


I am sometimes an introvert who forgets that he has friends, forgets to call or to write. Sometimes I am an extrovert and seek out my friends and others to communicate with. Sometimes I am emotional over big or small issues and think about things in circles for a long time and sometimes I am relaxed about issues and have no worries. Sometimes I love too much … Continue reading

Being bothered or swimalong


To sum it up, it’s not about Steve Jobs, it’s about You: How #aware are you of what’s going on? How tuned in are you to diverse subjects and their impacts. How focused are you on your impact on the world and the value of you rattitude and your word. Steve Jobs’s genious is that he has always known his personal answers to these questions. And he’s … Continue reading

Demon of indoctrination disguised as an angel


What drives most thinking people away from faith is how religions have sacrificed their content for rules and form. Slowly through the centuries we – the common people – have been led away from inspiration towards indoctrination. Education has not been able to lift this yoke of the mind and we see the results everywhere. We constantly let other people lead us to their truths and solutions, giving … Continue reading

Dream of who your soul desires to be


Close your eyes and travel to your dream. Not the dream of all you want to have, for what you can have you can also lose. Not to the dream inspired by others, because you can never be others.  Go to the dream of who you want to be.  Dream of who your soul has always wanted to be. Don’t dream of what you can be, only … Continue reading

Spiritual malnourishment of the masses


The masses of modern culture search for instant gratification all over the world and the populations desire a solution to ageless questions like why we are here, how to escape emotional pain, and other difficult questions. All the while the structures of power, economy and religious doctrine enforces the sensation of fear and feeling of being inadequate among the people. Then people turn to their leaders, to … Continue reading