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Self empowerment and self motivation is popular today. As with all development, it is a process. This one is simpler and more powerful.

TV is no substitute for campfire


It was the year 2004 that I was sitting in front of a TV, with someone I used to live with. We often had this habit that she sent me to the local video rental to find good films while she prepared something delicious. Then we had nice dinner and later watched a film or two. It was nice and we both liked it. But one particular … Continue reading

Power of Destiny


When I recorded “God’s Will” under divine inspiration I had no comprehension of what was really going on. I had resisted for almost two years to do this and feared it for a good reason. No sane person, particularly someone who’s into Philosophy and Programming would record an insight such as this. To claim openly to other sane people that you are a prophet of God is … Continue reading

The audio process


I have begun recording “The process of positive willpower” into a short and free online talks. This is taking place in january through february 2014. The original work, inspiring this task, was made a year ago in Icelandic. This article is simply a memo, I will update it when the recordings are done. These recordings are located online at Enjoy  

Process of positive willpower


The Process, is a simple and powerful attitude you can use to beat any limitations, any negative feeling, and literally any situation. There is nothing new in here, nor any magical formula to success. It’s a refined and polished best of the best seeds of successful thoughts coming from all directions and through the centuries. The process is imagined and devised – by yours truly – in … Continue reading