The Wings of God’s name lead to a tower of power

Many ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe that Freemasons observe them after their ex-communication, nor do they recognize why this is.

Guy Ellis in 2020Many ex-Witnesses have stumbled in later days of their path of purity after they left the fold, for they forgot the teaching of Job. When the Judge who condemned me for two crimes, of where I was only guilty of one, I realized the “sign of Job” and it fortified my resolve of steadfastness.

For the next five years, many tried – as was done with Job – to debate me into submission to The Samaelian (or Satanic) system, but at every stage of every discussion, I simply ran to the protection of God’s great wings, the tower of his name.

In “God’s Will” it says that no one but God himself can reveal his name to you. Most Biblical scholars agree that Yahweh or Jehovah being the Divine name – but these pronounciations are derived from Tetragrammaton (YHWH). Many use Allah, or Hashem or Lord or El-Chaddai, or simply God, instead.

I usually refer only to God or “Creator of Our Universe” in my recordings. None of this contradicts the other. Neither does it indicate how I address The Divine in my prayers.

It is a fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses were created by Freemasonry for a purpose and they are aware that individual witnesses have superior education when it comes to scripture, history, ideologies, conspiracies, preaching, teaching, and guiding.

They are all dangerous people (from the Masonic viewpoint) and some ex-witnesses i.e. Santos Bonacci and Jordan Maxwell, who themselves have “the symptoms” of high-masonry, go to the frontline of subversions, for the purpose of misleading and misguiding.

Perhaps they are unaware of how this works, perhaps not, for some teachers who are ex-witnesses, have fallen into delusions from fallen angels without realizing or recognizing it.

As an ex-witness myself, I was aware from within six months of my leaving the “fold” that both fallen angels and freemasons kept tabs on what I was doing in my life, why I was doing it and what my intentions were.

From very early on in my life-path I knew precisely where I was going, but I never even uttered it in my sleep, and I did educate myself for the unfolding destiny. Don’t assume that I like it or that I ever have. I always tried very hard to lead a normal life and my temporal goals were very meager, but my Soul’s aspiration for sacredness and purity led me to become the extremist spiritual and cultural commentator that I’ve seemingly become.

I had only a superficial choice in the matter of this strange destiny, but I accept it and I’ve come slowly to realize a relevance, though not completely to understand it.

When I was inspired to record the book “God’s Will” I was aware of the enormous possibility of me having fallen prey to the fallen angels, in very much the same way as prescribed previously. I had resisted the inspiration for approximately 21 months, and once I had made the recording I analyzed it daily, for months, to find if it contradicted Monotheistic scripture and insight.

Though I did not find Samaelian influence in the work, I did identify numerous ideas and explanations which I personally disagreed with, and also ideas that some people could, albeit superficially – connect to “Tavistock spirituality” and the Tony Blair “Unified Faith Initiative.” Both of which are of the same masonic chapter and the latter is subliminally being filtered into the global conscious presently, empowered by the previous Tavistock hypnosis.

Expanding on this last point, would be interesting, and has been discussed in my recordings, but is out of scope for this article.

Though I did not find anything substantially Satanic or subversive in the work, I had come to the personal conclusion that I had recorded this out of a state of personal insanity, derived from having been subjected to horrific personal cataclysm. Hence I decided to delete the public recording and the personal copy.

The same day that I sat down at my desktop computer to access my Website and personal data-storage, I was contacted by some one who knew nothing about me or my work, and in the ensuing discussion which took three days, and events surrounding it, I opted to keep the recording public and “fly with it.”

Those who know my work, know that it was a wise decision, though none of us know presently why this is relevant in the theophanic history of human thought.

Masonry mastered the engineering of ideological and spiritual funnels many centuries ago.  Whenever a new thought is defined in the conscious stream of humanity, masons try as soon as possible to infiltrate it and if not to be privy to the inner circles of new philosophies, to find out how they can tame them to their purposes. The Witnesses are one example of such funnel.

A funnel creates a discipline for people who are endowed with exceptional perception, and energy and courage, to fool them into something that hypnotizes them and fences them in. From then on keep them occupied in the hall of mirrors of their own self-chosen illusions and delusions.

More or less every chapter of ideology, materialistic or metaphysical has fallen prey to them.

If any person breaks the glass of the hall of mirrors and begins to free himself from the fold of his political or philosophical or otherwise ideological group, the masons observe if he  uses the new freedom wisely or egotistically. They keep tabs on him from then on and if in the course of time he resolves to stay within the boundaries of the sacred, refusing to be subverted, they eventually try to break him.

Masons know what kind of danger it involves for masonry if someone breaks the glass in the hall of mirrors, successfully and withot cutting himself, and they will try everything they can think of in order to keep tabs on, then subvert, and lastly break these individuals, if they cannot be tamed.

From 2009 through 2013, masonry systematically focused their spells and tactics on breaking me, and they did break me, first they threw me out of society and destroyed my name, then they eliminated any option for me to sustain myself temporally and eventually made me homeless and only then they broke me psychologically, and by then my own mother declared that I should have been killed at birth, but all family members had already rejected me openly.

I have since then suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, unashamedly. My Soul is untouched, it took refuge in the sacred. I found the power of the phoenix. I’m still mad, I’m still a nervous wreck. I still belong exclusively to God. I have nothing to hide, nothing to explain, nothing to justify.

That’s an example of the power of God. With the Creator of our Universe, all things are possible and the Power of Samael means nothing. Take heed; No one is beyond falling tomorrow, this article is not intended as a future statement, or written out of any egotistical pride.

Lastly, on the “G” in the masonic emblem:

The Mainstream Golem and the Altstream Gargoyle, both led by the elitist Ghoul of state and academia and media and all Truth channels; Hypnotized by Medusa the Gorgon; As symbolized by the ‘G’ in the Masonic emblem, the secret society that has ruled the planet since 1945, proud by their mastery of GGGG – G^4.

It may be relevant or not, but following are two talmudic quotes on the letter G (Gimmel):

“The word gam means to gather together as a group of animals gathering at the water hole to drink. The pictographic script for the word gam is . The  is the foot representing “walk” and the  is “water” (See the letter mem). When combined these letters mean “walk to the water.””

“In the Talmud it is said that the Gimmel symbolizes a rich man running after a poor man (the next letter Dalet) to give him tzedakah (charity).  (dalut) in Hebrew means impoverished. Gimmel thus represents the free choice to run after the teaching of Torah by practicing acts of chesed (lovingkindness).”

I am not suggesting that Masonry having anything in particular to do with Judaism or Talmudic sciences. Yet it is known that western spiritual scientists do educate themselves in the Talmud and wisely so.

Though in my philosophy there is no influence from the Talmud but on the rare occasion when I check out what the Talmud says about some things I’m interested in, I often find interesting and very insightful observations.

As a wise man once said, I use my gun for hunting and survival.

The Pyramids are in my opinion built by the greatest enemy of mankind for the last six thousand years, Masonry; They are the energy-generators used to spew out Dark Matter, the glue that all minds are being hypnotized by. In a certain sense they are the Masonic tower and while we cannot even process the thought of destroying them, because of mind-spells, we are at peril.

The Bible speaks of a different invisible tower and if your spiritual discipline is divinely guided by careful analysis of scripture and of Monotheistic thought, you can find God’s name, and as it says in Proverbs 18:10:

Yahweh’s name is a strong tower:
the righteous run to him, and are safe.

And Exodus 19:4 – regarding wings

“‘You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings, and brought you to myself.”

And 2. Samuel 22:3 regarding God’s Tower

“God is my rock in whom I take refuge;
my shield, and the horn of my salvation,
my high tower, and my refuge.
My savior, you save me from violence.”

Bottomline is simple: I am nothing, God is everything. In a created world there is no truth, as the only Truth is the Creator of our Universe. There is no other truth, no other power. To quote Yehoshua bin Miriam (Jesus): “Hashem is the way, the truth, and eternal life.”




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