Nobody knows anymore what a prophet of God is. Everything you’ve been told about the past prophets has been colored by man-made worldviews and ideologies; political, economical, cultural and religious.

11041714_602925039844456_2873271099463689443_nProphets of God do not found religions or other foundations. They do not follow ideologies. They do not assume false identities. They do not obey worldly powers. They do not lie, cheat or deceive.

They obey only divine inspiration and they tell the truth as they see it. They are human, they can therefore make mistakes and they can also be correct. They pass forward spiritual understandings but they are not responsible to how these are interpreted or understood.

They are messengers and servants. That’s how they see themselves and that’s their stand. I am no less and no more. I did not want this in the beginning and I resisted, but since I gave in to it my Soul has transformed and illuminated. That’s a great gift.

Some of my readers and friends have confused much of what I say and write, because they see through the filters of the fallen angels who have enslaved their souls.

Do I care what politics someone follows? No.
Do I care what your faith is or religion? No.
Do I care about your opinions in this world of deception? Not at all.

I care about my service to the inspiration I’ve been blessed with and I care about the sanctity of Soul; yours and mine. My human existense belongs to he who made me. That’s all.

I’ve made it clear in some of my writings, some of my videos and some of my audio recordings that the divine messages (so far) is threefold. The book named “God’s Will” and the interpretation of prophecies regarding the Seven Seals and the Seven Angels, and the realization and re-unravelling of the Covenant for the Divine State.

All my other writings are my own reflections as a human being. I do not know if I will be entrusted with more messages. If what I write and teach attracts readers or followers or critics and accusors; means nothing to me. It isn’t mine to decide. I am a servant of something greater.

As I said at the start; if you don’t know what a prophet is, then you have no way of seeing what he shows you. Actually that’s part of the great secret of Monotheist faith; divine personal inspiration and the War on Soul.

For religious reasons I refuse blood transfusions and vaccinations: My body is my temple, divinely bestowed, and noone should inject anyone with anything against their faith, particularly a live substance. This is divine intention. This is sacred.

I do not support any world system of thought, religion or governance; none. All current systems in the world belong to the leader of the fallen angels, Satan. They all will fail and crumble from within.

I do not follow any denomination, sect, or religion. As all prophets before me, what I advocate is Pure Monotheism. My mission is to reinspire that. Complicated?

The practical

Guðjón Elías Hreinberg – sounds like Guy Ellis Hreinberg is an Alchemist from Iceland. He is responsible for everything of value on this site. He also writes in Icelandic.

He has mostly worked with computers since 1993, first as a publisher of the first successful computer magazine in Iceland. Then he worked as a computer tutor for a number of years and finally as a software developer. He has a passion for the outdoors and for training dogs. He usually keeps a pack of German Shepherds.

The outside world is at best confusing, and there’s confusion inside. We are subject to appearance and emotions. Perception misleads and logic is rarely pure and objective. Dogma rages everywhere and rebellion against religions prevail, for good reason.

The spiritual person tries to understand the world and comprehend its meaning. He tries to make sense out of chaos and confusion. He strives to make use of what he learns. Some women do this also, but differently.

Through life of spirit and material, we constantly learn and grow. Today you have  different perception from the one you had last year. Some ideas and learnings prevail and others you tear off and throw away.

It often takes years to understand this simplicity.

Beyound any doubt, the consumistic world we live in, is ruining itself from within. Those loving life understand this: If you love yourself, you desire to fight it. In a sense, every spiritual person, is a warrior.


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