Democratic tyranny makes for a delusional state

When voices of political (or scientific) correctness are the only voices you hear, there is total tyranny, and that only ends in one way. When the tyranny is simultaneously global and of one doctrine (dogma, same book worldview), the collapes (if not averted) will also be total.

Photo5585The voices who are warning about this, are not asking for rebellion or revolution, they are asking for your attention, in order for you to be intellectually, spiritually and emotionally attentive and vigilant.

Religions have been completely overtaken by “spiritual, emotional and intellectual” correctness, and the public has been trained to see that as a good thing.

For centuries the religions were the voice that tyrannical governments and academias couldn’t silence and therefore we had a degree of harmony and balance which now has been lost because they always attempted to rein in the forces of tyranny.

Yes, the religions may possibly have done the occasional mistake but keep in mind that the same forces which convinced you of that, are the forces that now rule you with a whip, brainwash, social pampering and extortion.

If you compare the Torquemada Inquisition and the “burning of witches,” to modern times you find that for one “heretic” the churches eliminated, socialists and communists genocided a hundred. Something an honest school system would inform you of.

Many people demand for example in today’s world that you must “believe in science” and often when you debate with these pople scientific facts you ram into a wall of scientific truths. These people simply repeat the things they were indoctrinated with.

They seem unable to discern the difference between facts and truth on one hand or using scientific inquiry versus believing in science on the other.  Take for example the concept believing in god versus believing about god.

The former doesn’t necessitate the believe that the entity exists, the latter doesn’t require you to trust in it.

Modern intellectuals and enlightened children of the humanist worldview (of which socialism and communism are subset worldimages) find it impossible to factualize the difference in their inner metaphysical process or in outward discourse.

There are Bible prophecies that indicate that the greatest calamities of Mankind will occur when societies and communities disregard solid metaphysical processing (and the religions based on them). Perhaps that will be so, but keep in mind that Scriptures are intended as metaphysical and spiritual guides for our cultures, not land-deeds or heralds of physical destruction in a doomsday.

I have many times explained that the Epoch of Eschaton began with the Industrial revolution, which often is associated with the Age of Enlightenment, and that the eschaton ended with the moon flights (wether they took place in physical reality or not is irrelevant).

This means that the end of the world is over, in one sense. That the great change is just beginning, in a nother sense.

The epoch itself may possibly take centuries and when certain prophecies are taken into account, we may be standing in a foyer of a great opportunity. What lies ahead (in my belief) is the start of the second week of creation, but to get from last day of first week to the eigth day, requires that you find and squeeze through the eye of the needle.

As Yehoshua son of Miriam said; How do you thread a needle with a camelrope? My reply is simple; Ask the maker of the needle and the rope.




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