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The National Republic of Iceland (Þjóðveldi) was established in 930. It utilized Direct Democracy and was effective until 1264 when it joined and began slowly merging with with Norway. It planted a seed for an idea a thousand years ahead of its time.

Iceland inspired by the temple of disgrace


Cassie has been brutally oppressed and persecuted by the power-elite of Iceland since she moved here from the USA to live with her Icelandic husband. Her children have been kidnapped from her by force without any legal authorization or viable explanation and her case been marginalized in the mainstream media. Her friend Sunna, who is half Icelandic and half American, has also been persecuted and victimized by … Continue reading

Update on the Hebdo Deception


As I wrote in my last article about the Hebdo Deception – the attack was fabricated to justify increased violence by the ruling Elite against the growing number of Sharia Micronations in European countries. There are great points in the following clip from Abby Martin’s show Breaking the Set, which enforce this view of mine.   httpv://   I also wish to point out a recent message from … Continue reading

The Shadow of the Charlie Hebdo deception


There are many controversies regarding the Charlie Hebdo massacre which I won’t get into in this article. I’ve explained my suspicions in two earlier articles on this site already. I also have detailed my suspicions on my Icelandic site ( and perhaps will copy and translate that piece onto this one for consistency, as it cuts to the chase. That being said, I am convinced that the … Continue reading

Road to democracy II


We have been taught that in the free city state of Athens, in ancient Greece, the first Democracy was born. A few years later, in ancient Rome, similar idea got hold and was formed. It wasn’t democracy; it was a refinement of the representative leadership. In these two powerful cities the ruling classes of merchants and wealthy landowners discovered new ways of thinking as always happens in … Continue reading

Road to democracy I


Humanity has developed only three systems of governing themselves as a group. These systems are Dictatorship, Democracy and “Representative leadership.” Sometimes two of them have been confused as one and the same but these systems are all largely different. Dictatorship is a natural form of leadership and usually assumed automatically. It is exactly the same form of leadership formed in gangs where one person – and those … Continue reading

Gazing at smokescreens of world orders


Many believe that Bush senior came up with the concept of “World government” when he coined the phrase “new world order” but it wasn’t his. Woodrow Wilson was the first real contender to point into the direction of a World government after the First World War, when he facilitated the formation of “The Leage of Nations”, an experiment which failed within 20 years. Theodore Roosevelt had greater … Continue reading

Respecting the beast


For the past year and a half I’ve become more and more fascinated by  the power we have, and don’t use. We basically have amazing luxuries and human rights compared to our grandparents time, and we are lost in meaning. We are well educated modern people, living in an industrial economy, we have freedom of speech, we have great health care system. We have also social systems in … Continue reading

Impressed by young minds


Before 2008 I had no interest in politics, none whatsoever. As I have explained recently I felt that representative democracy was idotic, shallow and a waste of time. I have since then changed my mind. Representative democracy is still idiotic but only a waste of time until real democracy rises. Until then I’m really glad for the mostly free speech and open internet. Mind you, there are … Continue reading

Demagogical nightmare


There was a time when I loathed democracy. It was idiotic, narrow minded and stupefied. Not that I loathed the concept, but how the idea surfaced in our times and how it appeared void of intelligence, yet so loud with intelligent phrases. I’m interested in history, general knowledge about science, philosophy, psychology and sociology. I’m a practitioner of spirituality and I read up on things that interest … Continue reading

Disorienting speed


A long time ago I had many interesting conversations with an erderly lady in Europe, about diverse human topics, and took delight in being shown perspectives I would not have seen otherwise, except through reflecting on my own life experience when I get older. One subject cam up once in our discussions; mainly about diseases and travel. I had never really thought about it, but I know … Continue reading

Venerable Edward Snowden the Russian spy


I don’t trust Edward Snowden, not by a long shot. But of course I respect him and admire. It takes an extraordinary personal courage to do what he did; to stand in front of the strongest empire in history and defy it. To stand by your beliefs and to take such a huge step into the unknown as Mr. Snowden did, requires an absolute conviction in your … Continue reading

Conditioned education


When we look around us we see a world in confusion. The confusion doesn’t exist in the third world in general, but mostly in the westernized societies. The same societies which believe themselves to be civilized. By confusion I generally reflect on one issue. Most people have at least ten years of education in their minds and most people feel that they possess knowledge, but emotionally and … Continue reading