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guyellisI do not support any world system of thought, religion or governance; none. All current systems in the world belong to the leader of the fallen angels, Satan. They all will fail and crumble from within.

I do not follow any denomination, sect, or religion. As all prophets before me, what I advocate is Pure Monotheism. My mission is to reinspire that greatest of faith, which has been fighting a defence war of mind for thousands of years.

This website is dedicated to my writing in english. I have other websites, most of them in Icelandic, but I have created many videos and podcast episodes with speeches in English where I explain my worldview and argue for it.

I try to keep my website more in the abstract than the temporal, though many temporal things are touched upon but then as a frame for the abstract. Sometimes this is not clear, but in the long run it shouldn’t matter.

The main portal from where all my online speaking and writing activity is connected, is on not.is.


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