Seeking a divinely inspired state of mind

I have noticed that many people are seriously concerned, not about the virus or the state’s reaction, but something else which gently agitates their spirit.

img-coll-0324These things are not always easy to define when detected but when we know how to detect them, it aids us greatly. Let me make two simple examples.

You’re driving in traffic and the traffic irritates you, and you believe that it’s because of the other drivers and you don’t notice that many times the same behaviour in the traffic doesn’t irritate you.

Your partner or loved one says something to you about you, and it upsets you slightly and you don’t realize that your partner says things to you all the time about yourself which don’t. When you are aware of “sensitive inner agitation” and poised to detect them when they surface, you will see these and know how to deal with them.

Sometimes these things have patterns that sometimes make us a little silly. For example your partner says five things about you and one of them irritates you.

Awareness would help you to notice the flavours of what is said and the genre, and you’d notice that what irritates you when certain words or tones are used, indicate an underlying “gentle agitation.”

The chapter about anger in my book “The process of positive willpower” addresses this, in order to help people to own what is theirs and differentiate between what is in the present and what is in the inner state.

If there is an underlying sensitivity, agitation, worry, anxiety, anger, desire – could be many flavors of emotional states – that needs to be expressed or identified, it will find proxies to surface.

Your subconscious might be worried about many things concerning society and the state of mind of both local and global public affairs.

We all have different degrees of knowledge, insight and perception about the state of mind of other people’s affairs, about what is published and how people react to them.

Many people are sensitive to the underlying, spiritual and intellectual, state of being or state of mind, of people who are reacting to current news in the world – or in our communities – and the consequences of those news.

As I said at the opening, many peope are seriously concerned, not about the news themselves or the consequences, but about something else, less tangible, not so easily defined.

They feel that there is something serious going on, but as with anger, they project it on something in the surface conscious rather than detecing the underlying subconscious.

I have noticed that many people who are spiritually sensitive, but have not trained this aspect of psychological perception, have sought me out, perhaps for reassurance or perhaps hoping for clarity.

I have no more clarity than others – though I may adopt that stance when communicating publicly – and no reassurance beyond the religious aspect of my work.

Some people take seriosly my service to God, and because of some things I’ve explained in my work with that hat on, they feel that I have been blessed with intense and focused insight, which I haven’t.

It is true that sometimes I see certain things clearly and I have no idea why, and it is possible that some people, when acquainted with my work, experience an opening of a spiritual perception, but I have no idea about that.

It doesn’t mean anything. I have no special powers, no special perception, no special knowledge. It doesn’t work that way. Prophets often have much harder life than others, because they have to prove their faith to a deep degree.

They usually live in agony in order to express trust in the divine.

It isn’t easy, but it is very rewarding, as a path. It is true that in certain fields I have been blessed with certain insight points which have greatly enabled me to perform my task, a task I still don’t understand, but that’s a gift and not acclaimable possession.

Still, I have noticed that some people feel the aforementioned agitation and they understandably seek reassurance and explanation. Some of them think it has something to do “with what’s going on” and they project, and because of the agitation, they don’t hear the proper reply.

We never hear proper reply when we are projecting and that’s kind of funny. Particularly because it can greatly upset people or stir up the agitation and bring it from the subconscious to the conscious.

If this applies to you, that you are flling a stir in your psyche and you’re projecting it on all the things that are going on, feel reassured.

You are not agitated because of the news, you are not worried because of what might come out of it or because of the gullibility and silliness of such a large portion of the public or because of the insensitivity of the elites.

Your spiritual and psychological sensitivity is simply more finely tuned than other people’s are and you haven’t yet realized it and since there is nothing in our culture which traines that faculty, you don’t know where to turn.

I have received training in these matters and the training isn’t over, I haven’t been issued a degree, and I hope I will never reach there. I don’t wish to graduate.

All my work, all my knowledge, all my insight, everything I hold to be true and have learned to trust, is only one thing. The Creative Entitiy who inspired The Universe to become.

God is powerful and personal. Seek him out without any learning or doctrine, without any preconceived perception or idolatrous projection. Simply open up to God, do not be shy to tell him or show him your weakness, even your anger, and trust his guidance.

You will find, that whatever is going on in the world of petrified people, doesn’t concern you, once you begin to search out the path to the Divine State (of affairs or mind).




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