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The Dog Whisperer


The first image that comes to mind when The Dog Whisperer is mentioned, is Cesar Millan, who is well known for his amazing shows on National Geographic Channel. I must admit that I haven’t seen all of his shows, but quite some, both on my box and some clips on Youtube. As often when mass media takes something and publishes everywhere, the public starts identifying it with … Continue reading

Positive Reinforcement in the pack

German Shepherd pure breds

Societies of the human kind are interesting, varied, and usually predictable. Of course the Chinese society is different from the Cuban and so forth. But some things are common in all of them. Friendship is always valued and love is desired everywhere. Deceit is usually despised and criminals more than not put away for a while. Tradition is something the society has agreed upon for a long … Continue reading

Chelsea Sunna II

Chelsea Sunna in her favorite seat

When she came into my life she had broken spirit, more than any dog I’ve met before. And I’ve met many. There was no way she’d speak to you with her eyes, for months No way she’d make a connection. All dog trainers know how to solve this, by playing with the dog. Sunna wouldn’t be tricked that way. She loves to play and she has uncommon … Continue reading

Chelsea Sunna


When I first heard of her it was more in passing than not. She was the smallest and most fragile of the litter, the same litter as Birta comes from. As I’ve told before, I was away when Birta was chosen and my sister brought Ljufur, their father, to the litter to choose for me. He chose Birta and he chose the right one. There is no … Continue reading

When to train


The spring of 2010 I began to suffer from post-imprisonment depression. I had been warned by fellow inmates that this would happen but didn’t believe it until it happened. Those inmates who I befriended and who had been incarcerated before had all suffered from this and all of them smiled when I claimed it wouldn’t happen to me. I was sure of myself because I had previously … Continue reading

Point of no return

You big bad Sheffer, I'll show you ...

As it turned out I found myself being merry with my dogs, learning their language as I went along and they learning my language the same way I did. By paying attention to one another and experimenting with messages. As I entered my second year with Ljúfur I felt a need to learn more. I had met so many persons in the world of dog training, I … Continue reading