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SAR training

On a break from snow avalance training

Within a month me and Ljúfur started SAR training with a group called Björgunarhundasveit Íslands (BHSÍ). It’s a group who has trained rescue dogs in Iceland for more than twenty years and they train together on a weekly basis all year round. Within three months we had gone to all training sessions available with the group and learnt all the techniques taugth there. Ljúfur showed in those … Continue reading



When Káta was two years old I met Ljúfur. We met in the same week of his second birthday. He is a German Shepherd pure breed, of the name Gunnarsholts Picasso. When we met I had never known German Shepherds (Sheffer) from first hand experience. I had many ideas about them, as is common, which later experience has changed. This dog breed is, along with Retrievers and … Continue reading