Power of Destiny

When I recorded “God’s Will” under divine inspiration I had no comprehension of what was really going on. I had resisted for almost two years to do this and feared it for a good reason.

No sane person, particularly someone who’s into Philosophy and Programming would record an insight such as this. To claim openly to other sane people that you are a prophet of God is a sure ticket to be considered insane.

The summer of 2010 I had for the first time asked in a silent prayer; “why God are you putting me through these terrible tribulations?”Every time I felt like I heard an echo of a voice; “you are my prophet, you must tell people what you know!”

This voice is not like when a patient suffering from Schizofrenia hears actual voices. More like an echo in the wind, something you hear from within; loud enough for you to sense it but still a whisper enough that you can discard it and tell yourself that you’ve lost it.

I chose to tell myself that I’d lost it, yet the tribulations got harder, the path of my destiny tightened.

Soon there was no way out and I made the original recordings. I have studied history of myth and spiritual insights, I have studied Biblical doctrine, I have practiced Tao and Occult, I am familiar with Psychology and Philosophy, and I’ve read quite a bit on science.

There’s a lot I’ve seen, read and learned. There’s quite a bit I’ve reflected on and I’ve had deep and inspired discussions with accomplished philosophers. I’ve trained my mind in objective thinking and taught methodology of manipulating and storing information in databases.

I’ve also had much experience creating publications of various kinds.

I know how to hold speeches and presentations, I know how to guide students through complicated material, I’ve met with amazing (and very difficult) life experiences; I have lots to tell and even when researching conspiracy theories – which I don’t like by the way – I find nothing in them that I didn’t know from my own research.

Connecting dots is what you do when you’re into all the disciplines I’m familiar with. Particularly when you have little higher education; then you really have to work hard, which I like to do. So I gave in to God’s powerful will and recorded the inspiration and published it.

It took me six months from recording the original to develop the nerve to stand by it. First of all I had to be sure that I could stand by what was being said. Some of the inspiration I recorded I didn’t agree with. I replayed the recordings over and over again until I had made sure that there was nothing in them which could be from the other side so to speak.

I had to make sure – even if noone would believe that I said in the book – that I could agree with as a whole. In those months I realized that this material, though presented by me and relying on my knowledge, wasn’t mine.

There are insights in these recordings which still surprise me and as a whole the material has ignited within my soul and comprehension a powerful new way of seeing myself, God, the Universe and the rest of it.

Furthermore since reflecting on this powerful book I’ve written more material, some in Icelandic and some in English. When comparing the other material with “God’s Will” there is no doubt. The style, the insight, the volume, it is all different. Also it has done to me precisely what The Holy Bible explains in one chapter; “God’s word is a two edged sword, capable of transforming heart and soul.” Which in my case it has done completely.

Which brings me to a point largely overlooked in almost every teaching you find anywhere; the meaning of destiny.

Since I began to follow Gods powerful wind as it moves me through my mission I have realized that in every person’s life there is a destiny at work. Some people would call it Karma which is a similar concept but yet completely different.

Karma is usually seen by people – and many Asian wisdoms – as a tabsheet. That what you’ve done wrong in past life you can redeem yourself from in this life. That furthermore you’d be surrounded by your spiritual family and that persons from past lives would be present in this life. Also that you’d have to be careful how to proceed through present Karma and learn how to create a new one in next life.

But rarely you get insight into where it is all going, what the end result should be like or why. Usually the answers are vague and very Nirvanistic but noone really knows what Nirvana is. I’ve for example heard from people who have studied as much as I have that they turned away from the eastern Karma to Christian paradise because of the vague answers.

I’m a little surprised because it is easy to show that the traditional Christian viewport is equally negative and narrow minded, which I intend to explain in future writings.  Pay close attention to the word traditional. I am very serious about the work of the great prophet Jesus from Nazareth.

He is as far as I am concerned the greatest of all Gods prophets.

Then there is the general western notion of Destiny which is also rather negative. It is a notion that everything in your life was devised before you were born by three witches who weave the threads of destiny for all men and women. It hints that the three witches simply decide for you for their own reasons and that’s it.

I have learnt something about Destiny from the insight of “God’s Will” – but isn’t presented there directly – and also from devising “The Process of Positive Willpower” that destiny is a very dynamic, powerful and positive force in the Universe, intended to give you strength, wisdom and meaning.

When your Soul prepares for its journey – or life path – on our beautiful planet it has already recovered from last journey. It has resolved the complicated issues and characters it met with and either worked it out or assimilated the gifts this brings.

It is ready for another lesson in the grand scheme of the Universe.

This encompasses the powerful meaning of what forgiveness means and how it is much grander than the egotistical and short life we lead can show. When you forgive those you have grievances against you are letting them free so you won’t have to meet them again. You can hope that they’ll do the same.

When you are born again into our planet you might have a short lesson to learn from which means that your destiny could be a short one. You might even come here for a short time only to give a powerful – and probably a positive – lesson to someone you care about. You might be coming back to only refresh upon older lessons to check if they’ve become part of your gigantic soul.

Sometimes for example we are born into families where we’ve never met any of the souls before. Sometimes this is to test our strengths, sometimes to get new soulfriends, sometimes to teach what we’ve learnt in past destinies; the possibilities are limitless.

You can even learn many lessons in one lifepath and consequently it might affect your destiny and transform it. This is part of what all prophets have shown us. Giving us guidelines to discover jewels of insight faster, or at least that we might understand our destinies faster or in a better way.

There’s one beautiful aspect of Destiny which I’m particularly fond of and that is your guardian spirit – or guardian angel. It is a spirit entity which has made a pact with you, like a guide in school. The guardian spirit keeps track of you through your life’s journey to make sure that you do the lessons you agreed on before you were born.

This is a power of love; the three witches propose to you threads of destiny before you are born.

They are the keepers of the chrystals that can be used to perceive how complicated one life path can be. They make suggestions with you, they check out that all threads move on accordingly and that when you transform your destiny or when you touch other peoples destiny that the web doesn’t tangle up.

This means that with the three witches, you chose your destiny for a reason which makes sense to your own soul, in harmony with the Divine Infinite, and your guardian spirit is your guarantee that it unfolds in one way or another.

Sometimes, when we help an animal to move on, we’re helping its own destiny so that it can move quickly through the steps and come back. Sometimes when we own animals they chose us before they came.

There’s much love in the secret of positive destiny, far reaching outside the scope of our egotistical visions, but in harmony with the spiritual entity we are created from – our Souls.

When you connect the dots of your own destiny, your whole life will begin to make sense. Almost everything I’ve learnt in life, almost all experiences are focused today. Four years ago before I opened up to answers from God my life made no sense, or almost no sense. I could explain some of my life using some aspects of my knowledge but not all.

Now when I perceive my life through my sense of Destiny I can see how everything makes sense, how everything that has happened and even my dreams, simply creates the whole. I can see how my guardian spirit has made sure I’ve met the kind of people my Soul intended, how I’ve come across the knowledge intended, and most of all how I’m slowly led towards fulfilment of what is mine; my story and my souls purpose.

I can also see clearly now how my past destinies are at work and not least; it is clear to me now how important it is for ourselves and the planet – and perhaps the Universe – that we learn to grow in love, patience and inspiration. Particularly where other Souls are involved.






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