A Database system for all the information in the world

Two days ago I was wondering about Database systems. What kind of a database system would a conspiratorial cabal choose to use, in order to collect huge amount of data. Tailor made for themselves.

One specific system came to mind; Oracle. Ten minutes later I had googled the name of its founder and creator, who is one of the richest men in the world and analyzed. That’s when I realized why he bouth Sun Microsystems; because of NFS and Java, which both fit into the above requirement.

The Oracle database is considered the best in the world for collecting and parsing huge amount of Data. The AS400/OS400 system and DB2 comes very close but Oracle has for thirty years been marketed both subtly and openly as the db-system of choice.

It’s reliable and secure and is owned by the group who most benefits from using it, masonic-zionists. Java is the only programming language which reliably can be used to create any kind of system to run on any kind of system from ground up, and it is truly multilingual by design and fabulously simple to learn.

NFS is a Network File System which has been in development for almost thirty years and is desingned in order to make it symble for a networked group which isn’t in the same locale or on the same continent even, to seamlessly integrate their files and documents as if they were all working within the same computer system.
It’s really a remarkable thingy and NSA-civic-espionage is not at the core, but at the fringes.




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