Everything is something some one has showed us

Looking at theorists and analysts, one might assume that there’s a career in proving the lies of the elites. That is only true if you’re an elitist, because The Elites own most analysts and theorists and use them to send you on a false goose chase.

Photo4589This is easily proven; what do all sides agree on regarding 911 and Kennedy? Use that as a template once you get it.

Everyone agreed that a) establishment killed Kennedy or b) Oswald killed Kennedy or b) mafia or cubans killed Kennedy. Only Guy Ellis pointed out that Kennedy was never killed but a lookalike. The question no one can answer (including Guy Ellis) is what was the benefit?

Everyone agrees that 911 was a) taken down by saudi terrorists or b) unknowns demolishing 911 for false-flag purposes or b) that CIA and mossad colluded to take it down. Guy Ellis showed that the only organization on the planet capable of pulling all the complex threads together, and able to benefit from the event, and organizing all the various theorist channels, is Freemasonry.

Masonry is the only organization that benefited.

Now, obviously no one can prove or adequately explain any of this. But once you see the garden of humanity through the Medusa filter; that every one can be divided into three groups and you analyse all events from that standpoint, a few things begin to make sense.

Firs let us analyze these three groups from two perspectives.

First there are the Golems. People who are dynamic statuettes mesmerized or petrified by Medusa’s snake-hair. Second there are the Gargoyles who essentially are Golems who believe the reverse of what the Golems believe. Thirdly there are the Ghouls who lead the Golems and are opposed by the Gargoyles. Not one of these three G’s see anything outside the garden, they all analyse the same showbusiness.

To simplify; these three types of statuettes are all mesmerised by seven worldimages rooted in seven worldviews, inspired by the seven fallen light angels.

All three types of statuettes believe themselves to be Human Beings and because the statuettes are dynamic i.e. can move their limbs and seem to have the faculty of processing thoughts, they are convinced that the garden is reality.

For example of reality projection: the Human Being is an academically defined idea projected through popular/humanist science who holds a self proclaimed authority on what said being is. Anyone who believes himself to be this being, ceases to be a Human and leaves Humanity to belong to the classified Mankind.

It’s similar to the Eleanor Roosevelt’s piction that one third of people discuss people, another third discusses events and the third discusses ideas. Same model can be viewed through the 80-20 rule which divides these groups into 80, 16 and 4 percent.

Let’s look at how this is done. The 80-20 rule states that 80 percent of business income comes from 20 percent of the customers but requires only 20 percent of the effort. Similarly 80 percent of the effort is occupied by the 20 percent who give the lowest yield.

Thus 80 percent of people are only interested in people.

When these people discuss politics they don’t care what issues their political parties or agents are concerned with but what they look like, sound like or into which preferred category they can be classified. Most of the logic these people use, is based on soundbites and one-liners which they often misunderstand or not at all.

This leaves us the 20 percent who again can be divided by the 80-20 rule; 80 percent of them (or 16 percent of the whole) discuss events and also keep the first group occupied by projecting a discussion about people, groups, soundbites and one liners to them (including references to popular or humanist science). This leaves 4 percent who discuss ideologies, philosophy and real science.

Once you have established how to use either or both of these models to analyze the garden of Medusa, understanding that each snake on Medusa’s head is an idea or a type of ideology used to either petrify the three G’s or confuse the football club of the 80-20; you begin to see that everything revolves around a type of axis or a pole.

Imagine that you’re in a strip club having a drink with your mates. On the stage is beautiful calisthenic showing you eloquent pole-dancing.

The club isn’t real and the dancer is not a stripper but a very efficient sports person earning great money from showing you something, you’re paying her tips and buying very expensive drinks for being shown something which fuels your desires and emotions and doesn’t train your reason or discipline your intelligence.

Everything is being shown to you and you don’t see how or why.

You don’t see Medusa anymore – and absolutely beyond her – while her snake-hair has rendered you powerless and you’ve forgotten the mirror-shield which you can use to reflect her image back to herself and render her powerless in her own garden.

In 1962 three persons were immensely powerful on the stage of social engineering, through geopolitics and world-entertainment; Nikolai Krustchev, John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, and they were interconnected. Two years later, all three had been removed from the stage.

The removals catalysted many theories, discussions and results in politics and entertainment, and still do.

The World Trade Center, or The Two Towers were immensely powerful subliminal and mystical symbols. When JRR Tolkien included this symbol in his Lord of the Rings story (himself being a influential Freemason) he lifted the symbol from many well known and vast religious and mystical ancient ideas.

The eighty percent or Golems don’t understand anything that is hinted at here. The sixteen percent wouldn’t even bother to discuss any of it except for branding purposes of themselves. Half of the four percent will reject it anyhow. These 98 percent don’t know anything about Masonry; it’s history or various ideologies, mystical values or its social engineering interests and methods.

Most of all, even though the lodges are visible everywhere and the religious cult is well analyzed and the analytical results published both by their own members and outsiders.

For some reason (and perhaps because of a spell) the garden of Medusa is unable to comprehend what the Masons are, how they operate and not at all what they gain from various secret rituals and sacrifices performed publicly.

Even one of the best authors on Masonry, the Freemason A. E. Waite, wrote that the lodges themselves are only for display, that real Masonry is always hidden from our sight. That being said, it is well known that advanced and well trained mystics through the centuries see them as clearly as some people can see your aura.





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