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Democracy for the Brainwashed


Sometimes the “Self Evident” escapes our argument when we engage in a discourse about objects or concepts within the framework of our worldviews. Democracy in our world is the right way, we believe, but are we aware that it’s an umbrella concept? For example we know – presumably for a fact – that non-democratic regimes being tyrannical and we also know for presumable fact that anyone who doesn’t … Continue reading

Road to democracy II


We have been taught that in the free city state of Athens, in ancient Greece, the first Democracy was born. A few years later, in ancient Rome, similar idea got hold and was formed. It wasn’t democracy; it was a refinement of the representative leadership. In these two powerful cities the ruling classes of merchants and wealthy landowners discovered new ways of thinking as always happens in … Continue reading

Road to democracy I


Humanity has developed only three systems of governing themselves as a group. These systems are Dictatorship, Democracy and “Representative leadership.” Sometimes two of them have been confused as one and the same but these systems are all largely different. Dictatorship is a natural form of leadership and usually assumed automatically. It is exactly the same form of leadership formed in gangs where one person – and those … Continue reading

Demagogical nightmare


There was a time when I loathed democracy. It was idiotic, narrow minded and stupefied. Not that I loathed the concept, but how the idea surfaced in our times and how it appeared void of intelligence, yet so loud with intelligent phrases. I’m interested in history, general knowledge about science, philosophy, psychology and sociology. I’m a practitioner of spirituality and I read up on things that interest … Continue reading