Democracy for the Brainwashed

Sometimes the “Self Evident” escapes our argument when we engage in a discourse about objects or concepts within the framework of our worldviews. Democracy in our world is the right way, we believe, but are we aware that it’s an umbrella concept?

img-coll-0568For example we know – presumably for a fact – that non-democratic regimes being tyrannical and we also know for presumable fact that anyone who doesn’t believe the world to be a globe denies science.

Examples like these are used heavily when it comes to propaganda, brainwash and subliminal coercion, particularly of the masses.

How would you let someone into a scientific debate, when everyone can see that he or she knows nothing about science or doesn’t understand it? The same goes for example if someone defends Robert Mugabe for they way his regime is built, for obviously you’re defending a tyrant who opposes democracy.

What is democracy? What really is it?

I for example is a democratic convert. When I was nineteen I had been raised all my life in a democratic regime – yes, regime – and I didn’t know that it was simply an abstract concept used for indoctrination and a populist hypnosis.

I saw the obvious, like everyone else, and never thought about it; That democracy in our western worldview, was a tool for hypnosis, consumerism and industrial corruption.

Then something happened in my psyche and I became religious. Soon my spiritual and intellectual research and self-education made me realize what democracy is, within the framework of global hypnosis.

Beside the fact which I also realized, that it’s an umbrella concept and is totally meaningless unless it being substantiated through practical means. It became obvious to me that the masses, and most of their leaders, had indulged themselves in omitting this perception when establishing the dogma of modern party-democracy (and parliamentary democracy).

Which is often referred to (falsely) as representative democracy (used as a deception-concept for those who are almost waking up to the world of thought).

The truth is, for lack of a more precise term, that for most of my adult life I have totally rejected democracy as a viable method for authoritarianism, until four years ago, when upon reflection I discovered Quantum Democracy and the fact that it had been practiced over a thousand years ago in the Icelandic countryside for centuries, and that non-literate people fought for it without being asked to.

When propagandists of the industrial ghetto tell us that Robert Mugabe being a non-democratic tyrant, they are telling us that he being a devil worshiper of the wrong religion.

What is the humanist religion, truly?

Before you answer that, at least make a list of seven different versions of practical applications of the umbrellaconcept democracy, throughout history. If you cannot do that, ask yourself why state run indoctrination has never told you any of this.





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