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Sexy side to spiritual journey


There are many in the world, and in fact through history, that believe or feel that sex has no business with spirituality. Many religious institutions have influenced this attitude, amongst the most influential being the Christian churches. Rigid Christianity is not the only area where this has been practiced. Observe for example the Buddhist monks and nuns, or the denouncing of carnal pleasures by many Hindu’s. Many … Continue reading

TV is no substitute for campfire


It was the year 2004 that I was sitting in front of a TV, with someone I used to live with. We often had this habit that she sent me to the local video rental to find good films while she prepared something delicious. Then we had nice dinner and later watched a film or two. It was nice and we both liked it. But one particular … Continue reading

Facebook limits me


I don’t like Facebook anymore. But I like to stay connected with news, updates and chat with friends, that’s the only reason I stay. Also because I like to share what I write with my few readers. For someone like me, who writes stuff which few would find interesting and even fewer understand, and still fewer agreeing with, every reader is precious. Anyway, as soon as I … Continue reading