Facebook limits me

I don’t like Facebook anymore. But I like to stay connected with news, updates and chat with friends, that’s the only reason I stay. Also because I like to share what I write with my few readers.

For someone like me, who writes stuff which few would find interesting and even fewer understand, and still fewer agreeing with, every reader is precious.

Anyway, as soon as I find a suitable alternative – or I program a new one – I plan to leave Facebook.

I don’t trust how it watches over what I do in order fo sieve what should be displayed. I also don’t like how Facebook chooses what I see first on the main wall – or newsfeed.

I also dislike how Google tries to understand what I search for, and how I browse the internet, and tries to understand what I want.

I want to find out for myself what is relevant to me when I search and browse. I don’t want some Internet Sites like Facebook and Google, or any other, to store my preferences. The web is becoming to much of an animal farm.

  • I cannot enter into my Facebook profile where I live, unless Facebook recognizes the area.
  • I cannot enter into my Facebook profile what my faith is, unless Facebook recognizes the concept.
  • I cannot enter into my Facebook profile, what my political view is, unless Facebook recognizes the “political party” or agenda.
  • Yet it nudges me to enter this info!
  • Also if I delete people from my friendlist it nudges me to add people.

I’m beginning to ask questions: Whose side Facebook is on, and how this information is used? Especially in regard to categorizing what I am, who my friends are and all between. I so much want something better, simpler, and more oriented to me and not to some digital ghosts.





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