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Islam a religion of Peace or War


I read somewhere that The U.N. is suggesting to put a ban on criticism of religions. Particularly this direction, if true, suggests a response to Muslim’s growing sensitivity for criticism on their religion. Personally I’m not buying into it, though melodramatic over-sensitivity seems to be ever growing in all corners of the globe. From my experience, from discussing religious matters with Muslims, it seems that Mainstream Media … Continue reading

Yehoshua son of Miriam – Jesus Christ – was a Roman Citizen


Neither the Sanhedrin nor King Herod, but only Pontius Pilate, could pass judgment over Yehoshua son of Miriam and Joseph. He had inherited Roman citizenship from his father, which was one of the reasons that they could travel freely within the Roman empire (on Roman roads). Notice that Yehoshua was sentenced for “claiming kingship” and not for blasphemy. If he had been a citizen of Judea or … Continue reading

Islam and Christianity are troubled brothers


There is a prophecy that explains that the grand religions of Christianity and Islam will be slain by divine creed through the refusals of people adhering to their rule. These two grand religions are described as prophets, or servants, of God and that they have great power on earth while they rule. This is from the book of Revelations of the Holy Bible, chapter 11. It is … Continue reading