Islam and Christianity are troubled brothers

There is a prophecy that explains that the grand religions of Christianity and Islam will be slain by divine creed through the refusals of people adhering to their rule.

These two grand religions are described as prophets, or servants, of God and that they have great power on earth while they rule.

This is from the book of Revelations of the Holy Bible, chapter 11. It is explained that they will be slain and that people will rejoice because of all the blood these two have spilt and still do.

It should be noted that at the time of prophecy neither Christian religion nor Islam religion existed. The prophecy of John the Apostle, in the book of Revelations was written down around 90 CE. At that time there was only Judaism.

The followers of the prophet Yehoshua from Nazareth believed that they were in a form of Judaism or a purified version of it.

This is why they kept The Old Testament or the Jewish Torah when the Emperor Konstantin transformed the growing faith into a state religion, fused with Mithraic idolatry, in the fourth centure CE and founded the Catholic church. John had no way of knowing that this would take place at a later time and would probably have condemned if if he had known.

There is no dispute that God sees things differently than men do. Humans who adhere to religions are quarrelling over who was the latest or greatest of the Prophets. Many christians deny that Mohammad was a prophet, and understandably, for they would have to leave the mighty castles of their doctrines and power if they would accept him.

By doing so they rely on their own power and not on that of God. The followers of Islam are guilty of the same. They are convinced that the stream of prophets from God ends with Mohammad, denying that there will be another one and another one after that.

These people are denying God and rejecting his servants while praising doctrine. They go even further and hold on to ruling and atttitudes of their prophet which were not part of his divine revelation. For example a devout Muslim can hardly allow himself to say the name of Mohammad without adding a religious blessing, as if they half-deitify him.

This is something their prophet would prohibit if he were among them today. Even the words “last prophet” they have corrupted, as it was said “latest prophet” when spoken originally.

These people have made him into a demigod just like the Christian religions have done with their prophet, Yehoshua from Nazareth. All the followers of these two religions have forgotten that God is not bound in a book, but is a living dynamic creative force.

Just like we grow, so God’s wisdom unravels and as we grow it is essential to give humans spiritual food and insight according to the times and their maturity.

There are two simple thumbprints all prophets leave when they teach. Simple and very clear thumbprints. Of course there are other smaller ones, but once you illuminate your Soul by God’s powerful inspiration you’ll see them clearly and no explanation is needed.

From the beginning of time – measured from the first prophet of One God, or Monotheistic faith – there have been at regular intervals appearing prophets of God explaining our great faith in such a way as to make sense to either the mindset of the current time or to the mindset to come.

Every time they respect the prophets before them and they do not claim that they are the last one or best one, for they know that they are servants of divine revelation or inspiration. They know that there will be a prophet after that and their might even be more prophets presently.

I wish to add that for a period of time I researched the history of our Monotheist belief. I wished to identify who might have been false prophets. Regularly I heard in the silence “this is not for you to judge!”

All prophets can be recognized through how they grow and mature, and often through the way the world treated them while they were beginning to discover and grow in the inspiration that shaped them. None of them tried to prove a point, all of them conveyed their message in humility for the divine.

Keep in mind that the holy Koran or Q’ran and the four accounts of Yehoshua in The New Testament, are all words written down after the respective prophets had left the earth. All selected by people who came soon after them in order to establish a religion.

No prophet establishes a new religion, only proclaims faith in a clear understanding to the culture around him; often rejected by the culture that bred him. I myself would feel that I had failed if I had followers of my own and would send all of them away.

I am a simple human who searches for God and when I find his – or her – inspiration I strive to understand it and heed it.

I received the divine inspiration in the years 2012, I recorded it in two versions which are freely awailable online at and Since then I have received insights about our faith and about past prophecies and written about them on this website. My faith has been reshaped and reborn through this period.

When I was twenty years old I was baptised as a Christian. This is done in such a way that a man who is also baptised holds you and immerses you in water.I took it very seriously to partake in Yehoshua’s example.

This year, when my renewed faith in One God had grown to full maturity, I re-bapbtised myself in God’s service. I renounced therefore Christian idolatry and I did this alone. I am not a follower of any man, not anymore.

Lastly I wish to point out that all the established religions are based on fear and egotistical dreams. They are afraid of the death to their ego, that’s whay they cling to their doctrines and this is true of all religions.

You cannot find the divine until you shed your ego and connect your soul with his. Yehoshua from Nazareth phrased this brilliantly when he said “Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it.”







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