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Defining the Death of Star Trek


In 1991 when Gene Roddenberry died, who was perhaps the greatest of Humanist Visionaries, the Star Trek Franchise made a great two episode show, proposing a beginning of a new story-line; How to bring the Vulcans and Romulans together again, which from cultural, scientific, and story-telling perspective could have created a fantastic saga. I’d love to dwell on it, as Humans, Romulans and Vulcans, each demonstrate a … Continue reading

From God, To You


Recently I saw a film called The Captains. It’s a film by William Shatner where he interviews other actors. These actors had – like him – been cast in the roles of various captains in Star Trek. Star Trek is a very popular sitcom or television series, divided into different venues or timelines in a fictionary space story. At first glance Star Trek can be seen as … Continue reading