From God, To You

Recently I saw a film called The Captains. It’s a film by William Shatner where he interviews other actors. These actors had – like him – been cast in the roles of various captains in Star Trek.

Star Trek is a very popular sitcom or television series, divided into different venues or timelines in a fictionary space story.

At first glance Star Trek can be seen as some Science Fiction – and it is – but really it’s all about people. The original creator of Star Trek and spiritual father of almost half of all episodes was Gene Roddenberry.

How to describe Roddenberry is best put in his own words; “we human beings are capable of so much more than we yet believe”. I agree.

In this film, Shatner interviews an actor by the name of Avery Brooks, who played Captain Sisko. Brooks is a bit different than the others, and at first glance quite so. Some would even say that he has lost it. But he hasn’t.

At one point in the film he plays out a tune on his piano and when explaining the tune he says “from God, through me, to you” and he means it. He also says in the trailer the following. “You love Sisko. You love what the writers did! Then you love Gene Roddenberry. To reach for this love, to be loved.”

Once you get it, you’ll know precisely what he means, and you won’t be able to put it any better.

Some people get the undertone of our Universe, they get what it is but can’t describe it. The love that inspired it to become and be created. Our times are pre-occupied with what the Universe is, and how to enjoy it.

Missing out on what is behind its existence, or what life is woven out of. Those who see behind that veil and become one with it often seem foolish. But the world behind the veil is very real and very inspiring. It connects to the source of positive, loving, creativity, to love.

The sentence “from God, through me, to you” inspires me. I am reminded of this from time to time in my daily life and sometimes it also flows through me. We are all the same in this respect. Time and time again I’m humbly reminded of its meaning.

I put here two links if you wish to explore what film I’m speaking of. They might break one day.


The film





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