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The art of time


When you develop the creative side of you there will be a few things about yourself which you’ll discover. First is that you cannot create anything new unless you have some material to work with. First is expression; be it tone, color and form, movement, speech or writing. Expression is training, exercise, training, failing, mistaking, failing, stumbling upon the right medium and slowly carving and shaping your … Continue reading

Back to Neanderthal

neanderthal (4)

I’m not going into this subject, not really. It seems clear to me that those grumbling apes met their times, just like we’ll do eventually. I believe that we genocided Neanderthals in some way. There is no doubt about it. We are the kind of apes who enslave, mime, and kill, our own kind. Are you aware that we hunt some apes to make ashtrays out of … Continue reading


perspective c

Time is one of those concepts we have to deal with in our personal lifes. When we’re five years old we feel that it will take forever to grow up. When we’re single we feel that we will never again be touched (and it feels like eternity). When we’re middle aged we feel that life is racing us by. Then we ponder history! Oh man! Just over … Continue reading

Never tired again


I love movies. I love to sit down and watch a good movie, to enjoy a good story. Watching beautiful people, both nice and nasty, doing different things, and weaving of the story. I love to do this in company and on my own. To forget time for a while. I’m always refreshed when the movie is done. I like especially – and most of us do … Continue reading