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I’m not going into this subject, not really. It seems clear to me that those grumbling apes met their times, just like we’ll do eventually. I believe that we genocided Neanderthals in some way. There is no doubt about it. We are the kind of apes who enslave, mime, and kill, our own kind. Are you aware that we hunt some apes to make ashtrays out of their hands?

Blonde wixen of Homo Sappapiens

Look at history. The idea of humane treatment of others, respect and virtue, is relatively new in our global culture. Human rights appeared on the agenda about three hundred years ago. Which means 0.15% of our existence. The idea of human rights conquered the modern genre about ninetyfive years ago, which means 0.06% of our existence.

To drive the point all the way. You know how badly, we Caucasian conquerors of North America treated the Native Americans?

Did you know that 60% of the native tribes of North America fought with us against the other 40%? Did you know that many native american tribes traded in human slavery? Did you know that almost all of them hated Black and Asian people more than they hated whites?

Neanderthal female

My point being is that we, Homo Sapiens, are nasty creatures, very egotistical, very cruel and not kind at heart. Of course we love our dogs, babies and those we own. But that’s not really love. That’s just deep emotion for something valuable. But love?

Basically I don’t care that Neanderthal’s became extinct. Actually I don’t care about any kind of animal which has become extinct. I’ve often read articles stating that 98% of all species on the planet are extinct already. It seems to me that the way of life, like in our own personal ones, that end of line is natural. We die, so does our kind. The planet goes on, something new will replace the old. It’s how it goes.

One day we, the Homo Sapiens, the conquerors of Earth, will become extinct, and Homo Sappapiens will appear. But there’s something else I find interesting. It’s the concept of time and relevance.

Neanderthal philosopher

I don’t get it how everything is so damn important today. How everything has to happen immediately. How everything has to happen at such a great speed. How every emotion matters and the hysteria of the media is all prevalent.

For example, I often drive in my 4×4 with my dogs to different parts of the country, year round. I drive slower than others, and enjoy the vista on the roads. It takes me 12% more time – in general – to reach the east or north side of the country, than for my friends.

My friends live in the fast-lane like modern times demand. They hate to travel with me, because I don’t drive fast enough. I enjoy every kilometer of the journey, they enjoy only the destination.

I suddenly realize that we have existed for 200,000 years and the Roman Empire existed for 1,000, that Columbus discovered America 500 years ago, and the Natives had lived there for 18,000 years. All this overpowers my cognition.

For three years I’ve begun to pursue timelessness in my life. I go to bed when I feel like it, do the daily tasks I deem needed, and just live my daily life. The gregorian calendar only has a meaning to me when I have to consider my bills. Other than that, I just follow the seasons. As TV has disappeared, and other media more or less discarded, something else has surfaced.

Neanderthal young female

I’m never stressed and I always have time. I never worry about any events in the world outside my sphere of interest. Yes of course I care about the civil war in Syria and the famine in North Korea. Of course my heart bleeds for injustice.

I know of the devastation of the rainforest and expansion of the deserts. I care about these matters, and I actually take steps to avoid my habits contributing to the devastation.

My meaning is, that I’m closer to Life than to Consumerism. Life matters to me. How my friends and relations are faring off, matters to me. Especially that none of them seem to have any time to enjoy their lifes. Especially that it seems more important to them to have the new iPhone or plasma TV than knowing where to find Wikipedia and reading about stuff.

That being said:

  • Did you know that it creates more pollution to recycle old newspapers than to create fresh paper?
  • Did you know that if we’d abolish gazoline powered cars and allowed only Diesel powered ones, that pollution would decrease by 26% within one year?
  • Did you know that 10% of pollution is because we throw away 10 year old cars to buy new ones, and that it is relatively cheap to maintain the 10 year old for another 15?
  • Did you know that it is easier to watch TV than to think, and thinking should be avoided?




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