Verse 54. Accepting God’s will

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I had no idea what it means to be a prophet of God. It is just over a year ago that he gave me the first vision and insight into this destiny and I fought him because I did not wish to be a prophet. I am Guy Ellis. I am a programmer. I am a philosopher. I am a dog trainer.

I am a traveler through human existence of different worlds, in the same places. What does that mean? That means that I, Guy Ellis have traveled different worlds of human perceptions, yet not often left the country of my residence. Like another prophet said centuries ago, whose name is sometimes referred to as Lao Tzu: “The sage can know the entire world without ever leaving his village”. I have discovered this to be true.

I am Guy Ellis. I have sought spiritual knowledge, I am a theologian, philosopher, I have studied parts of psychology and I have studied arts of the mystical realm. I have learnt to work with science and I have been a teacher. I have been many things. I have studied carpentry and I have studied cooking.

“I am many things” I said to God “but a prophet? A prophet? I am not worthy of being a prophet” I said to God.

There are men of much deeper insight and far more experience than I. Men of better quality and values than I – who have been prophets. Men worthy of the name.

I will tell you a story of one prophet. His name was Jonah. When God told him to prophesize he refused in much the same way and he ended up in the belly of a whale for three days.

God proved to him that if you know God’s will and you do not heed it, then you will be stuck. Of course the belly of the whale is a spiritual resemblance, a metaphor.

So Guy Ellis eventually accepted the will of God. If it is the will of God that I tell forth a prophecy of God then that is the will of God and it is my will to do God’s will.

You see – You are your faith. You are what you believe.  What you believe becomes you. You project on this world what you believe in.

Look around you. Most of the world of the so called modern society believes in exacting vengeance of the books of laws and regulations. It doesn’t believe in the spiritual value of love and care and respect and tolerance.

Look at the news. Everything is measured to a value. Monetary value or a measurement of some kind. If it isn’t measurable, if it cannot have a number attached to something then it is nothing: This is the god of the modern world.

At the same time while this world of modernity worships the measurable value or numbers it values intoxication of the fleeting moment and pleasure. Whether it’s sexual or toxic or spiritual or in any other form.

You see, it projects what it believes. It projects its faith and becomes what it believes in. It becomes what it has faith in. And the stronger the values it believes in, the harder it reflects.

A spiritual person takes care.

God bless.

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