Verse 55. Dreams, and Fighting evil

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

When I was at the age between five and six year old I had a dream, and I woke up from the dream crying and I told my mother the dream and she explained to me “you had a nightmare”.

I was a young child. I did not think much about dreams, they were just something that happened, but I had had my first nightmare to speak of, and for years I knew that this nightmare had a significant meaning to my life. In that dream I had been walking through a street in the neighborhood and after the dream I was convinced that the street existed in the neighborhood where I lived and I sought it out. For the next five years I tried to look for it and I never found it.

Late at night, thirty-two years later, I was walking through the neighborhood of my childhood and I found the street of the dream, and I realized when I walked there that those streets had not been there when I was six year old. The houses there where built fifteen or twenty years later.

And Guy Ellis, me; I stopped in that street and I knew precisely the meaning of the dream. I reflected and realized instantly how the dream had projected on my future life. Giving me a glimpse into things to become.

God had, through a dream, given me knowledge and insight about the path I was headed towards. Out of love, he had prepared my spirit for the unknown and explained to my soul the importance of it, and that through the difficult journey ahead he would always be there for me.

As he said in one channel, because I, as any prophet can explain to you, sometimes channel. I ask God for answers and I open up a channel to him and I receive the answer.

He said “I will not guard you from evil. Evil rages on this planet and it can attack you at any time it chooses. But I will give you strength in your fight against it. I will strengthen you when you fight it. I will help you to stand up again if it defeats you. I will give you the reason and strength to go on, to continue the fight.”

You see: Every single spiritual being who is aware of God is a warrior. A warrior of light and joy and love. Every time you make a stand in the face of evil you’re doing the good fight and God is very much aware of it. He loves you anyway, but he will surely love you more every time that you show who your father is.

Because there is a fight going on. We do not know where it began. We will not know for how long it will stay. We are foot soldiers. We do not need to know the political arguments. We do not need the explanations for why the war started or where it is being fought or for how long or why or how.

We do not need that. We only need to fight, as warriors, and trust our father.

And trust that our dreams are sacred, and that they give us profound insight into who we are, what we are, where we are from, what is happening around us and sometimes what will be happening in decades to come.

This is why in realms of mystical knowledge – one of the most popular one being The Old Testament and The New Testament of the Hebrew and Christian branches of The Faith – that it is often frowned upon to seek out psychic mediums for a very simple and clear reason; you have your own channel open to God when you rest at night.

You don’t need an intermediary. Reflect on this. Learn to remember your dreams.

You will never regret opening up to God.

God bless.

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