Verse 52. The I

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

God is the god of the small, he’s also god of the large.

Just as with simplicity he likes detail, he likes precision. He knows of every single creature on this planet, insect, cell, and every atom. Everything originated with his willpower, his passion for life. He knows of all of it and he cares for everything.

He also created it in harmony and he put in every living thing, every living cell, every living atom, the sense that it exists, the sense that it is – the sense of being. This is why you know that you are and that you are part of “the I”.

It is a primary force of the Universe and “every I” lives in harmony with “every You”. Evil is when that harmony is broken.

You see. This is so simple.

God bless.




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About Guy Ellis

Alchemist and a prophet of God, with passion for training dogs. Like a perfect poetry; Doesn't get any better than that.

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