Verse 51. Children of God

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I am also a builder, I am also a warrior, I am also a hunter and I am also a man. There are so many of us, human beings in various disguises and in various parts which we’re playing in our society and our lives, and we have all those abilities. We can all build and hunt and stand up for something and protect the young and take care of our community and we can be lovers, and fathers, mothers.

There are many of us. Living, caring, and being; for the simple reason that we are and nothing more.

We are owners and caretakers, we are workers, or we are lazy doing nothing. Many of us simply exist, nothing more and nothing else. We’re all creatures of the one God, in the one Universe, on this planet, in this galaxy. It could be any planet in any galaxy or in any solar system.

We are like prisoners. Some of us are clean in spirit, others are not. Some of us are mature and others childlike and seen in a certain light some of us can appear childlike but still be mature, or appearing mature and actually being children. But we are all children of God.

We all have his abilities and qualities, yes he can also be cruel and angry and jealous. But he controls himself and so can you. He does not strike at someone out of jealousy and he does not deceive for his own personal benefit or for the sake of controlling.

He created life out of love and love has nothing to do with controlling. If so then the whole Universe would be all about control.

But life is harmony, if it is anything. Everything has a place and everything has a balance and within the balance of the natural order of life there is no bad, there is no good, there is no evil, it simply is and nothing but.

It is your responsibility as a human being to learn to appreciate this and understand it and work towards the wellbeing of your community and to learn how to do the will of God.

Learning the will of God has never been put in a book and never will be. Because the will of God is a living breathing force; it is alive and it is fiery. It can guide you and move you. Most of all it is like every day a new, every morning. No day is the same.

The will of God tomorrow is not the same as the will of God today, yet like every day very similar. Like a process, where you cannot put life in a box and neither can you put the will of God in a book.

You can only discover the will of God by first eliminating your primary and only sin; of not connecting with your core.

God bless.




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