Verse 47. Connect with God

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

This is the new scripture; this is a verse in the new scripture. A biblical scripture means one in a collection of books. Each verse is a book and each verse is an audio file. Some of the verses are about a minute long and others are just about ten minutes long.

For eternal messages from God you do not need to read long sentences in long books. God created the Universe. He created the galaxy, and the solar systems in it. He used Angels. Angels are the workforce of the spirit realm.

Some angels have rebelled from what is good and kind, but they still appear like beings of light. Do not let it deceive you.

When God created the Universe and this planet and eventually you, he made sure that it is bound together by universal laws. You know what they are.

You do not need to learn how to read and then read long boring and complicated books in order to know the Will of God; you need to connect to your core. You need to look at the world around you which is created by God and you have to listen and learn to perceive.

This is all you have to do.

But from time to time God instructs a prophet and there are always prophets around in any given time from eternity to eternity. There have always been people around, men and women, who have a special connection to the worlds of the gods.

I use this word loosely as the spiritual realm is sometimes referred to as the world of the gods or the worlds of the gods. The word god is used in the meaning; a powerful creature of spirit of which there are many, but there is only one true supreme God.

Yes he’s very powerful indeed. Can he create a stone so heavy that he cannot lift it?

Well! Can you build a house which you cannot lift by yourself?

Of course. It is easy.

Everything with God is easy. Sometimes it takes time. There is nothing to it.

As with the prophets. From time to time God instructs a prophet to speak out with explanations and clear messages to the people around. People who wish to know him, but are too busy to look around. Are too busy to observe, too busy to connect with themselves.

Sometimes people need to be reminded.

God bless.

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