Verse 48. Explaining and being

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

This verse is about explaining and being.

It is also about the reason why you know that there are universal laws around, yet no-one can really explain.

A woman says to a man “I love you”, he looks into her eyes and he can see in her eyes that she means it. He knows what love means, but nobody has ever successfully been able to explain what love is.

And nobody can really explain, or make a picture of, what love looks like in the eyes of someone else.

And when two persons love each other it doesn’t matter if the stay in the same house or if they are a whole world apart; they can feel each others emotional state and presence of being. And if one of them has a sudden pain or an accident, the other one can feel it instantly.

There is no proof of this; there is no book which has been able to explain this properly. There is no film, there is nothing, nowhere, in this world any proof of this, yet we human beings; we all know this.

There are things you simply know and no matter how much you explain, you cannot explain it, you cannot prove it. And some souls simply belong to each other.

Guy Ellis will now tell you a true story from his own life about how he knew something he could not prove.

There was a time when he heard a mention of a puppy. He had never seen that puppy, he had not seen any picture of it, yet he knew there was something very special about this puppy.

Five months later he met the puppy by a strange coincidence; by a strange chance he had the opportunity to meet the puppy. It came across his path and he wasn’t surprised. There was simply something about that puppy!

A year passed and without him really knowing it the dog changed owners. It was tossed and given away and passed around, thrown out of house by house, by owner and by owner for a year. When the dog eventually came to the prophet’s house, when it came home, he wasn’t surprised.

It was his dog. It had always been.

When you meet your spouse and every person alive has had this experience, when you meet your kindred spirit, your twin soul, you know it in the first second you see it in the eyes of one another.

No amount of explaining can explain this.

This is how you know about God.

God bless.




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