Verse 44. Children

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

Today’s verse is about children.

You do not own them. They are the future. But they carry part of you and they carry your ability to love. They have your ability to create. They have your creational, spiritual, awareness.

They way you take care of your children, is the way you will take care of life around you. Many religious teachers through time and history have tried to instruct people that they should not have sex without precaution; it is precisely because of this.

The need and urge to have sex is a powerful and holy need. It has two sides. One side of it is your ability to connect with another human being and form a community and bare your soul in nakedness, both physical and spiritual, to another human being and to experience the same, receive the same gift.

It’s a beautiful act, and it can create a child when performed in the most common appearances.

A child is a fruit of your own and it’s the only thing in life you can truly create that is not created by your mind but by your God-given abilities. And the way you care for it shows how you care for yourself and for your community and for your faith.

Be not deceived. It is very common that this gift is used to alienate one of the creators, to control and manipulate and as a force of anger and bitterness. Not always the one having the child in the home, giving it food; not always is that the one giving the love.

How you will proceed with this will tell the world and tell God, and the child, everything about your valuable self.

Tread with care. God has no further lists or rules concerning this. This is simply a message to ask you “who do you want to be at the end of the day, when you are old and your child is grown up? How will you form your child, and who will you be at the end of the day?”

God bless.




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