Verse 43. Supported by God

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I have been instructed to tell you a story that many people have heard before. Guy Ellis is not trying to do anything new under the sun. He’s only trying to do exactly what God wants him to do, like every prophet has done before him.

Giving spiritual nourishment to his common people at a common time in the environment where he lives. Using the means at his disposal to do so. How the people will receive it is something they will decide for themselves.

The story is like this: A man believed in God and he believed that God walked with him through his life, and as he died was given the opportunity to reflect back on his life and see it like he was walking on a beach. He could see where he had walked on the beach, and he could see where his footsteps where on the beach and the footsteps of God were beside his. He reflected on this and said to the angel who showed this to him “why? Why can I see that on the few occasions where I had trouble in my life, that there is only one pair of footsteps? Why God; did you leave me at those times?”

“Oh, said the angel. Those are the times when you were carried through!”

This story is never told enough. It’s one of the deepest insights given to man. Every prophet learns his version of this story in his own way. Every human being will.

I will give you an example of the same meaning, taken from the tribulations of Guy Ellis himself, because Guy Ellis has also suffered in life. He has not always been an innocent and simple human being; he has done bad things and gone through difficult times. We will not get into his life here – this isn’t about him – but here at this point we will use a part of his experience.

This was during time of deep tribulation where he was made to suffer the loss of everything he held valuable to his life. Most of his friends and all of his family had left him. He had lost the footing in his career, he couldn’t find work for a long time, and he lost the material possessions he had striven to acquire, and he became a person of no consequence in the community where he lived. He had become an outcast.

Through that tribulation and time of difficulties he had to deal with emotional difficulties as well, a depression and a feeling of hopelessness, different kinds of despair, and in the course of this endurance his faith in God was chastised.  His faith was put to a test.

There came a time, not only once and not only twice, where this troubled human being in suffering said in a prayer to God “why, God, are you putting me through this tribulation, why are you not helping me through this, to get by this, to get back on track in society? Why are you not, God, sending me blessings?”

The last time Guy Ellis said this prayer “why God are you not sending me blessings?” He heard the answer from God; you can hear answers from prayers, everyone can. It was in a moment of being spiritually connected to his own soul that he asked this prayer for the last time and he heard the answer from God.

“It is precisely because of my blessings that you have not lost more! It is precisely because of my blessings that you are still in the fight! Open your eyes!”

God bless.

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