Yes I have servants. Sometimes they are called angels.
Angel is a messenger, a servant, and more.

Angels can be beings of light, and sometimes they can look dark.
Angels can be as terrible as they can be sweet.

Not all my angels are beings of spirit. All my angels are spiritual,
and some of them don’t know it.

Sometimes the most unlikely can be an angel, sometimes just for a moment.
Human, spiritual, animal, life force, anything can serve me.

Nothing living is beyond my interest and anything can serve me, to the interest of life. Perhaps I used a cat to help you once? Or a mouse? Or maybe I used you once to be an angel to a horse.

Often, my most serious of servants, are so because they want to.
Because they wish to. Often they are the unlikeliest of servants.
Don’t judge to quickly, it has more to do with spirit and heart.

Recognition, ownership, status, reputation: These things are social matters.
Society is not life, I care not for that. I care for your living soul.
My servants are often not the most respected parts of society.

Yet, every single one of them, makes life easier for others, most of the time.
How you treat them, how you are with them, can easily be your judgement.

And very often they make the easiest of targets.




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