Life is in me. I am life.
The universe is large. I am larger still.

Everything you can see, is with me, I contain all.
Every living soul can hear me, everyone are heard in me.

To everyone, everywhere, all of the time, I give channels to me.
You open your heart, your soul, and you connect, perceive.

Every channel, is eternal, consistent, living:
Today, yesterday, tomorrow.

You hear today, tomorrow you forget, yesterday you remember:
Next year you can revive the same again, and again.

I am always there:
I am of old and still fresh.

You hear today, tomorrow you don’t. It does not matter, as the channels are always there.
You can always connect, always renew, always find it again.

As I am there, always. From beginning and to the end.
For you, for life.




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Alchemist and a prophet of God, with passion for training dogs. Like a perfect poetry; Doesn't get any better than that.

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