Verse 40. Arguments

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

God likes people who can disagree with him. Nobody likes people who always agree with everything. They are not to be trusted are they?

But an argument. When people compare their opinions and their insight and their attitudes and they mix them together and they compete over them; God likes this.

A healthy debate. Who do you think invented it? Who do you think gave you the passion for it? Have you heard about the concepts of teasing or testing? Who do you think invented that?

You can disagree with God and you can even quarrel with him and you can take your time to find out which of you were right. He likes that you do, and he likes to see that you care enough.

There is not a prophet or a spiritual person who has not gone through a crisis of faith. What do you think a crisis of faith actually is? It is a rough road on a spiritual journey. Losing your faith and questioning it and reshaping it, or even re-accepting a kind of faith you do not agree with – is a journey.

If you don’t have the courage to disagree with God, how do you think you can travel the rough road towards him?

Don’t forget that God is like a fire, passionate, enormous. Loving, yes. Kind, yes, Strict, yes. Do you think he is unfeeling?  He can be very jealous. And he is very concerned with you – you – one of the thousands of millions of souls living today.

We are all connected to him. We are all part of him. We are part of his fire. Why do you think we have passion to begin with?

Do you love your child less when it disagrees with you and proves that it has fire in its soul? Or do you love it all the more?

What do you think a community with God is made of?

God bless.

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