Verse 41. Wishes and Harmony

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I am from Iceland. Iceland is a beautiful country. A country created in a way that it is easy to feel closer to God when you’re there.

This verse is concerned with wishes and harmony. As with many insightful, spiritual, truths it has mysterious connection to the ego and preconceived ideas.

Imagine yourself, right now, this moment. Is there any wish in your soul waiting to be fulfilled? Any wish for something in the future, in your future, or in the future of someone else? Do you have any wish for anything?

If you don’t, then pray; that you will learn to wish.

Every single person on this planet has a wish. And when Guy Ellis uses the concept of a person he’s thinking of all the mammals on this planet. A dog has a wish. A cat has a wish. A cow has a wish. We are all connected. Even if some of us eat other animals.

It can be a noble wish, to wish for a juicy steak later today. It can be a noble wish, to wish that there are no lions tomorrow morning at the watering hole.

A wish is a powerful and beautiful concept, and a motivator.

There is one aspect of wishes not commonly understood, and it goes like this: A wish is sometimes an image in your soul of something you know will happen. Sometimes your wish is a gift from God. Because he can see what will happen and has given you, perhaps through your dreams, which you can learn to remember, an image into something beautiful in your future and you can make it grow by nourishing the wish with positive attitude.

Not all wishes, and even a minority of them, are the egotistical wishes of someone who simply wants something for himself. Sometimes we want something for others, for their benefit and for their wellbeing.

Sometimes we wish for something for ourselves simply because we know that it will come to be or happen. Not all wishes are needs and desires for something to be different from what we already have and want. A wish is a simple porthole into the future.

And once you learn to work with your wishes in harmony with God, you will have a way of seeing the life and the future as it is. And you will learn when to wish for something beneficial for you in harmony with the community and life where you live in your current timeline, in a beautiful creative way.

This takes care, time, and insight.

God bless.

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