Verse 38. Representing belief

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

You represent what you believe in. It doesn’t matter what words or descriptions you put to it. The prophet will now give you an example.

There is a person belonging to a certain religious sect. It believes that when you die you will be punished for your sins. And half of the preaching’s and sermons or teachings of this sect involve this. They explain this further, they explain this properly, and they explain this beyond doubt. And when someone misbehaves in their congregation they’re reprimanded.

All done in the name love, and they would be quick to tell you that God is a god of love and mercy!

These people represent actually – with their actions and with their doings – a god of punishment, judgment, and rules. And those fundamental principles have nothing to do with mercy or loving kindness. In fact, this group would not need the god of mercy if they weren’t worshipping the god of rules and judgment.

Look for the actions and then you will know what the faith truly represents. You can judge the tree from the fruit.

Look at every branch of The Faith through this filter, and you will find the god of love;  through his works.

God bless.




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