Verse 37. Community

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

This verse is about community.

A communion, your society, your relations; they are everything. A person cannot exist alone. This is why the greatest punishment through history has always been excommunication.

And words are spellbinding in this respect.

People can be excommunicated simply by everybody talking bad about them. Not understanding them, not giving them love, not giving them nourishment, not giving them what they need in order to become a better human being within their community.

The prophet will give you two ideas for a community, for you to understand what God sees when he thinks of community.

There is one community in a village where everything is controlled by a book of law. Every decision which is made is recorded down in the huge book and before the decision is made someone checks for a rule in the book on how decisions have been made. Every time a decision is made, someone makes a declaration or sentence according to what is written in the great book. Before this is done there are two competing solicitors fighting for opinions about their understanding of the rules in the book. Often the rules and decisions are involving a person or a group of persons to their benefit or loss. And once the rule has been made, everyone in the village cheers and says “hey this is the rule” and if it is for the loss of those involved, well, those are the rules aren’t they?

There is another village, where the decisions are not made up by rules, and regulations and exacting of judgment and weighing and measuring by something that has been written down in other circumstances and is therefore not valid anymore in the current circumstances. It is a village where monetary values mean nothing, where the community makes sure that when there is a need for a house it is built together by the community, not by its governing body but by decisions of those in the community, living in it.

Decisions about the wellbeing of any human being in that village is taken into account by a council governed by wise people; often spiritual oriented people who have proven themselves to be spiritual and not wanting of power.

And they try to find out, before they exact judgment; what is the wellbeing of the individual and also what is the wellbeing of the community. And if two people are fighting; what is the wellbeing of both, and what is the true reason for their fight to begin with.

Which community would you like to live in?

God knows that one of those communities are the easier ones. He also knows that the easiest, and on the surface simplest is sometimes the more complicated one.

All it takes is Love, and Faith, and Courage, and Kindness.

But in a community – if you lived in a community – would you be lonely?

God bless.




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