Verse 35. Power

I am Guy Ellis.

Today I will speak to you about power. Power is a powerful thing. It’s invented by God. It’s created by God. He uses it a lot and he likes power.

You are created in his image. You also like power, and you use it a lot. You don’t believe me? Go daily to the Gym for a year. Work on the personal power of your muscles. Observe it growing, enjoy it. Take some time with this, and then come back to this verse.

I’ll make another example:

Form a small community around a centered goal, a common goal. Make sure you are at the center of it. Make sure that no-one can interfere with it, unless he shares the goal, and once you have a group: Control it.

Use your power, learn what it is!

You do not know what power is, unless you learn what it is, and the only way to learn what power is; is by taking it!

Once you take power and you realize its power, you can make a choice. How do I wish to use power?

It’s like this with everything in life. Is it pro life, or is it not? Is it pro ego, or is it pro God?

Take care, observe, learn and choose. Choose well.

Power is not bad, but it has consequences on enormous scales.

God bless.

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