Verse 31. Warrior

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God. I am from Iceland.

I will speak to you about Warriors.

Warrior is not a soldier. Warrior is not a fighter. Warrior is not a lover. Warrior is not male, or female. Warrior is not materialistic and he is not spiritual. A warrior is all of these things.

A warrior is someone who believes in something “more and higher” than himself and he is willing and he has the courage and he has the strength to stand up for it – that is a Warrior.

There are cultures that still remember what a warrior is and teach people its values. Most prophets are warriors.

Every single being who stands up for what is right, what is true, what is just; is a warrior. Every single person who shows courage in the face of the evil of this world; is a warrior. This is one of the noblest part a human being can play and you can too.

All it takes is to believe in something more than yourself, something higher than yourself and have the courage to stand up for it, and take the fall if it becomes too much for you.

God bless.

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