Verse 32. Eternal soul

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I am speaking to you in this verse about The Eternal Life. The cycle of the Universe.

I will prove to you that your soul is eternal, and your ego isn’t.

The moon travels around the earth. The earth travels around the Sun. Have you ever been in a car driving at one-hundred km pr hour? The earth is traveling right now at one?thousand times that speed! Yes it does.

When the earth travels around the sun, it travels at one?thousand times more speed than you’re driving when you’re driving at 100 kilometers per hour.  If you’re driving in town at 50 kilometers per hour, then rest assured that the earth is traveling at two?thousand times that speed, in empty space.

It’s traveling at great distance. In one hour it’s traveling over a hundred thousand kilometers, and you don’t feel it. It has perfect balance.  And the moon, is circling it!

This is phenomenal speed!

The Sun – Gloria – is traveling just as fast around the center of the Galaxy and accompanied by more than one?hundred?thousand?million suns. And this galaxy – when compared to all the galaxies in the Universe, all of them traveling really fast – is very tiny. It is smaller than the most distant star you can see in the sky at night.

This earth that we are on today, has lived for approximately one third of the time the Universe has existed. Everything alive on this planet – all the life on it – if it had found a way to exist through random chance of random selection it would have to wait for another thousand lifetimes of the Universe for all the pieces to fit together.

If there had been a living grand scheme behind “the living creating force” of choosing the selections and encouraging them – think about this.

And think about yourself without the Ego. Without the word of your name. With only the word “I”. Look at the way you are!

You are not a phenomenon. You are a natural product, you are a child of this world. You are a natural child in natural harmony with the world which created you.

Look at the way your mind works. You do not create anything without thinking about it first. Often you create something without even thinking about it first, but it always comes from your mind, often your subconscious mind.

It has been proven that our subconscious mind can connect with a common subconscious mind of common time. One respected prophet devoted a lifetime to proving this, scientifically.

God likes science.

Your mind, your intellect, and your abilities are products of the life in the Universe and you are not unlike it. Life likes reusability, just like you do. There is nothing new about the way in which you think. And just because you cannot communicate with the beings that are taking care of this galaxy of ours, doesn’t mean that they are not there.

And if you need proof of this I will give you a simple exercise.

Next time when a wasp enters your house through your window, then place yourself in the center of your room. Observe the Bee, and send friendly, positive, feelings to it. Every time it moves away from the open window, say to it with loving kindness “no, no, no” and every time it moves closer to the open window say to it – in your mind – “yes, yes, yes”. All the time imagine that you are sending to it an image of the way it can use to get back out.

God bless.

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