Verse 29. Grief

I am Guy Ellis. I am a prophet of God.

I am a humble servant of God. It is sometimes called a prophet. What someone thinks about it or how someone talks about it or how someone reacts to it, I have to trust God concerning this. You can do that too.

Today I have been instructed to tell you about Grief.

Grief has a sister called Sadness, they have a sister called Sorrow. Sadness, Sorrow and Grief, have a sister called Depression. And depression is a very, very difficult gal to deal with, if you don’t know how.

Grief is the natural feeling of missing something valuable from your life. When someone you loved goes away from your life, it takes from your soul what you shared in common, and your soul is a very real and very strong being. You may not see it with your eyes because you look at the body, but God sees your soul. The soul is what created you.

When you love someone and that someone shares your love, even a tiny little bit. There is something created between you. A tie, a cord.

Grief is easily healed. Very easily healed.

There are three aspects to the healing from grief.

First you must have Faith.

You do not need another soul and you are not re-united with that soul through love without a reason. And souls who love each other will always have a chance to meet again, it’s an eternal “law of love.”

Like two magnets seeking each other out. Every time someone leaves your life, it might be someone you shared time with as a lover and you separate for some reasons. It will leave you with pain. One third of that pain feels better when you are sure that the love you share – even if it’s now overshadowed by pain and bitterness or disagreements or simply some misfortunes of life – you will never loose the love you shared.

The second step to cure from grief, is time.

Time is one of the treasures of life. Time is something you can rely upon as a great force. When we suffer from pain we want a cure from the pain instantly. But there is a law in the Universe. If you are prepared to accept the pain – and here is the trick, here is one of the secrets God has woven into the Universe, a God secret, a God power, a God pill. If you accept the pain and you accept the time it will take for the pain to work its magic – and that’s exactly what it does – the pain is there as a gift to work its magic. I will prove this to you.

If someone hurts you with words and tries to do it again some time from now it will not hurt you again, at least not as much. I have proved a point, haven’t I!

The only way for something which pains you today never to pain you again is to rely on faith and trust time, accepting time, accepting pain.

And with doing so comes the third step of healing from Grief: You own it.

If something pains you today and you seek quick ailment or a fix to escape from the pain and escape from the time then it will not give you any benefit. It will not strengthen you. It will not become a part of your strength. You will not own it. You would escape it again, and again, and again, you’d be stuck. You wouldn’t move forward.

God likes moving forward. He created it. He invented it for a reason.

When you have faith that great love will never be truly lost to your soul. When you trust time and accept it. You will own it.

Going through periods of great grief or deep grief, knowing that you didn’t really or truly loose anything. Knowing and understanding that time is your friend and through acceptance and understanding of the finer elements of your grief and the memories involved, it can only become you, and become part of you, and it will teach you to understand others.

It will teach you to understand time and it will teach you a lot about you and the eternal strength you are made of. Through this comprehension you will comprehend and understand what sadness is.

You will understand Sadness, the sister of grief, and you will also understand Sorrow their sister, and once you understand how to accept the Will of God, and thankfulness or gratitude, you can defeat depression in any form.

Those who have walked this path, understand this clearly. If you do not wish to understand it today, visit it again in a year or two.

God bless.

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