Verse 28. The Ego

I am Guy Ellis. I am prophet of God.

I am from Iceland. This is why my accent and language sounds weird. It’s even weird to me when I replay the recorded verses to check if I spoke without error.

Those errors I miss, I pray to God that he will forgive me.

The prophet is afraid. He is afraid because he knows that every time a prophet speaks up, there can be persecutions and ridiculing. Every time a prophet decides to speak the truth in this world that we live in, he can meet with obstacles, often insurmountable, and he is afraid of it. He is but a human being.

He doesn’t know how God will react, if there will be obstacles, because so many prophets of old have suffered for the messages they brought into the world. This particular prophet is not much into suffering, he is into simple pleasures. Simple and good healthy food, spending time with loving friends, spending time outside in nature with his dogs, traveling through the countryside, enjoying quiet moments in the evenings, and occasional campfires.

He is not into the Complications of The World.

But it’s the Will of God that this message is given forth, and as Guy Ellis isn’t the kind of a man that would actually go into a town center and start preaching. He’s not that kind of a guy; he was given a choice to use the technology at his disposal. To record the message into a computer and uploading it to a website. Then if it is the Will of God, the message will carry through, to be heard or not.

The messenger is giving away the message of the ego. Ego is a wonderful thing.

It is through the ego that you have and can be driven by ambition. This is why some people excel at sports or in science or in business or as bureaucrats, or as popular figures, popular people. It is through the Ego. The Me, Myself, I.

It is also through the Ego which you receive pain and suffering and negative emotions, like depression. The Ego claims things for itself, the Ego likes to possess. The Ego likes its feelings and it likes its pleasures and it doesn’t care about other people’s egos.

And it’s egotistical people who try to make other people take care of them or look after them or love them or enjoy them or give to them, and it’s often people with a little bit suffering egos who often make so much bad around them.

I will make an example. Guy Ellis has a friend, who has a suffering ego. Every time this friend comes for a visit he talks only about himself, and what he’s doing and what he’s not doing. Either about what he’s doing good or some self criticism about himself. And he always tries to take something away from his visit, whether it’s being a material thing or a spiritual thing. Because he is aware of only one thing, and it is his Need!

There are many Egos like this. Suffering egos, who believe and feel and cling to the idea that their personality is something. That has a validity. That it has a value, but it doesn’t. It’s a product of your biological being. Your Ego is a side effect.

If you look at history and you look around you, you will notice that those who created the most everlasting beautiful art in history had usually put their Ego aside. And their names and possessions and their respect and stuff – yes, detailed stuff – meant nothing to them, it was part of their Ego. Ego seeks only itself; it doesn’t create anything of everlasting nature.

Do not be misled. Positive smiling egos are just as bad as the negative suffering ones. The size of the Ego is the size of the selfishness. Rest assured. Not all angels of light are the loving kind ones.

The more you can get rid of your ego, the more you can actually live this life, pleasantly, lovingly, enjoying its simpler pleasures every day. You might even do service to God.

God bless.




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