The Seal of the Rock Opera

One of the seven seals of the Apocalypse is the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”. How can that be?

It’s just a rock opera, and it is made in our times, and almost everyone feels that great events of faith are long past. But what is the value of your faith if it is long dead?

For centuries the last book of The Bible has inspired much work and speculation about its meaning. Indeed it is a mysterious and complicated piece to read through and at times almost mind blowing and it can be interpreted in various ways.

My intention is not to interpret it, for I believe that all spiritual content is alive only if interpreted directly by the one who reads it and reflects on it.

A spiritual content cannot have meaning for you if that is directed by someone else. That being said, don’t believe me when I say the Rock opera is one of the seven seals, investigate it yourself. I only give you a signpost, as it is my place.

Every now and then someone comes forth who preaches that the “the time of the end is at hand”. All of them expect the great tribulation, as described in The Book of the Apocalypse, to be just ahead of humanity. That there will be great tribulation and terrible things happening and they reval the seals.

I am the only one who will tell you that it is all past. The End of Times was between ’65 and ’75 – and the Seals show it. Their meaning was inspired to me for a reason, at the appropriate time.

The inspiration given to me indicates that the “time of the end” was born with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, seeded with the time of Renaissance, and that this time ended in the era of the Lunar flights: The years between 1965 and 1975. This is also in unison with God’s Will, which was inspired to me in 2012 and published at the end of that year.

As with so many prophecies and divine inspiration it sneaks up on you. For how can a musical be one of the great seven seals of the great tribulation, and the purge? How can it be one of the seals that the twentyfour elders are now being assembled? And indeed, who are the twentyfour elders?

If I’m right, they are apparent, or almost apparent, right now. Let us keep in mind that the great prophet Jesus from Nasareth prophesied “I will come as a thief in the night” and also “I will come as I left”: He left in spirit and only a select few witnessed it. You never know that a thief has entered your house until afterwards.

Now, back to the rock opera. It is the first great art in history, about Jesus, which shows him as a man. It is also the first work in history to show Judas in a forgiving aspect. It is the only art in history to remind us that in this time women played just as important role in spiritual matters as men. Keep in mind, if the authors of this work where indeed inspired, then there is a message there for you to find.

Perhaps I have found a message there myself, but I remind you of my word; the message is for you to decode for yourself.

This piece of work has touched the hearts and faith of millions of people in the last four decades and continues to do so. It is from a doctrinal standpoint “of the nature of heresy” and therefore cannot be accepted by the churches, which in turn will be condemned by a second coming of the annointed one. Yet it has inspired deeper sense of faith in people than these churches have been able to for centuries. But there is more.

If there is anything in history to show you a different view of the divine soul and simultaneously inspire, this is it. Also note, that this work inspires faith, love and respect, and it has been influential in the transformation of the human spirit for the last four decades: Reflect on this and you’ll see it clearly. Keep in mind, that after the “end of times” comes a time of spiritual transformation, not from miracles in heaven, but miracles within your own spiritual vision.

Try to see the forest of all ideas rather than the trees in your own inner forest only. Then you will see how no-one detected this seal. Once God opens up your vision to see it, it stands out.

Remember above all: Love.




This is part of a series of articles about the Seven Seals.






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